Blog Posts on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

Happy International Women's Day

Tyler Kenney

You may have noticed today's Google Doodle commemorating International Women's Day (IWD). It has been celebrated every year on March 8th for almost a century now.

Setting aside a day to more publicly celebrate and honor women, as well as to advocate for more equality in their rights and treatment, is a God-honoring, good thing. But, as Mary Kassian notes in her post today, there is an unfortunate assumption among…

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Leading the Church: Quotes from Doug Wilson

Jonathan Parnell

Session 5, Doug Wilson on "Father Hunger" in Leading the Church —

  • "Remember the good newsness of the gospel. The gospel is outside of us. It is for us, but is external to us."
  • "We must always remember the gospel because we are tempted to forget the gospel in throughout the busyness of ministry."
  • "We are privilege to carry around our sin the same way David carried Goliath's head."
  • "The…
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Being and Building Men for the Local Mission: Quotes from Darrin Patrick

Jonathan Parnell

Session 3, Darrin Patrick on "Being and Building Men for the Local Mission" —

  • "When you become a leader of men, you plug your life into an ampiflier and everyone hears it."
  • "There's nothing more destructive for people who are trying to know God than legalism."
  • "You don't obey for your acceptance, you obey from your acceptance."
  • "You don't measure your maturity by comparing yourself with others. You judge maturity…
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Darrin Patrick on Biblical Complementarity

Jonathan Parnell

The latest Theology Refresh features a 12-minute dicussion on biblical complementarity with Darrin Patrick, speaker at our upcoming Conference for Pastors.

It's important to remember that there is more than one danger in this issue. We can miss it on the left, becoming egalitarian. And we can miss it on the right, not calling men to sacrificial leadership.

There's a new dynamic in what it means to be a man: …

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A Call to Men to Take Responsibility

Josh Etter

Pastor John, from Genesis 2:

This is a call to stoop down and to take the responsibility to be a leader—a servant leader in the various ways that are appropriate to every different relationship to women. It's a call to us men,

  • that we should take the risk of getting egg on our faces;
  • that we should pray like we've never prayed for help in this tremendous responsibility;
  • that we…
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    Masculinity Is the Glad Assumption of Responsibility

    Jonathan Parnell

    Doug Wilson will address the topic of "father hunger" and what that means for leadership in the family and the church at our 2012 Conference for Pastors (Jan 30 - Feb 1). Registration is now open.


    Recent posts for the 2012 Conference for Pastors —

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    The Making of a Homemaker

    John Piper

    Carolyn Mahaney wrote “Homemaking Internship ” especially for moms with daughters. It’s about how to pass on to the next generation of young women some of the most important things in life. She says, 

    But the truth is that homemaking involves so much more than just cleaning a house. The commands in Scripture to love, follow, and help a husband; to raise children for the glory of God; and…

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