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Five Things to Teach Your Children This Christmas

Christina Fox

“Mom, I need to add something to my Christmas wish list.”

It’s that time of year again. The stores are adorned with all things red and green. Mailboxes and inboxes are filled with ads, sales, and catalogs. Prettily wrapped packages are at the forefront of nearly everyone’s minds — especially kids’.

Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity to pour the truths of the gospel into the hearts of our children. It’s…

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A Tantrum for My Transformation

Christina Fox

Some days I wake up and nothing seems to go right.

The alarm fails to sound. The kids are slow to get ready. The fridge is empty of milk (after I set the table with bowls of cereal). And then the route to an appointment is filled with red lights. Soon I find myself stuck for an hour in a tiny exam room, waiting for the doctor to show up…

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The Most Frightening Prayer I Could Pray for My Children

Christina Fox

The most frightening prayer I could pray for my children is the one they need the most.

Now, I always pray about their behavior, their health, their progress in school, and their friendships. I also pray about their future and their jobs. I pray that my boys would marry “nice Christian girls.” But to be honest, when I pray for my children, it is easiest to ask that their lives…

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Capturing the Heart of a Child

David Mathis

What was so wonderful about C.S. Lewis, says Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, is that such an incredible mind wrote children’s stories. She continues,

He didn’t think children’s stories were beneath him. In fact, a mind like that is what it took to write those children’s stories. And of course, as Lewis said, a children’s story that’s only good for children isn’t a good children’s…

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Should We Tell Children to Love Jesus?

John Piper

Spurgeon was concerned about the emphasis of telling children to love Jesus rather than trust Jesus. He expressed it like this:

Many [distort the doctrine of justification by faith] when addressing children, and I notice that they generally speak to little ones about loving Jesus, and not upon believing him. This must leave a mischievous impression upon youthful minds and take them off from the true way of peace. (…

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Christian Adoption: Disavowals and Affirmations

John Piper

Significant Christian push-back was unleashed in recent months by Kathryn Joyce’s criticism of the abuses in evangelical adoption efforts: The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption.

Melanie Springer Mock documented some of that push-back and gave her appreciative take on Joyce’s book. I have been surprised at some undiscriminating criticism of evangelical adoption.

As I pondered how to respond to the criticisms of adoption, it…

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Our Children Are Spring-Loaded for Worship

Tony Reinke

Tedd Tripp:

If the goal of parenting is no more profound than securing appropriate behavior, we will never help our children understand the internal things, the heart issues, that push and pull behavior. Those internal issues: self-love, rebellion, anger, bitterness, envy, and pride of the heart show our children how profoundly they need grace. If the problem with children is deeper than inappropriate behavior, if the problem is the overflow…

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Children Are a Blessing from God — All Children

John Knight

Burdensome. Sad. Relentless. Hopeless.

These words are attached to disability. And often they are used to "justify" aborting babies with disabilities.

The perceived low quality of life of the child and the unknown-but-assumed hardships that would be placed on the rest of the family are frequently written and talked about. For example:

Many studies show the vast majority of patients abort fetuses after prenatal tests reveal genetic conditions like Down…

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To See the World As It Really Is: C. S. Lewis on Education

Joe Rigney

Having examined the form of education that Lewis rejects, we turn now to a brief summation of his own view. The following tenets are not the whole of Lewis’s educational paradigm, but instead form some of the nonnegotiables that Lewis felt were under particular attack in his day.

The Tao

Genuine education embraces the Tao. For Lewis, the Tao appears to be a combination of the absoluteness of reality…

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