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Piper’s Newest and Most Different Book Ever

John Piper

Of the books I have written, Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully may be the one most different from all the others. It is less about the God we see and more about how to see him.

For decades, I have wondered about the relationship between the natural, creative process of the mind and the supernatural, spiritual process of the mind.

By the natural creative process, I mean the mysterious workings…

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Half a Century Since C.S. Lewis

David Mathis

He went quietly. It was very British.

While the Americans rocked and reeled, and the world’s attention turned to Dallas and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, one Clive Staples Lewis breathed his last in Oxford just a week shy of his 65th birthday. Strangely enough, science-fictionist Aldous Huxley passed the same day, and in one calendar square, three of the twentieth-century’s most influential figures were gone.

It was…

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All Lewis Conference Media Now Available

Marshall Segal

Whether you’ve read the Chronicles of Narnia, the Space Trilogy, Mere Christianity, or other works by C.S. Lewis, you’ve probably wanted to ask him some questions. While we can’t give you the man himself — he died 50 years ago this fall — we might have your answer. Or 23 of them.

Our recent national conference dove deeply into the life, heart, and influence of Lewis, celebrating all we’ve…

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Jack’s Typewriter

Tony Reinke

Thankfully you never saw our big mistake in the C.S. Lewis conference trailer.

For the video we hired an actor to play Lewis, to walk through a garden, to look into the sky, and to read a book in a high-back chair.

But one scene nobody saw was Lewis at his typewriter, not because we didn’t accidentally film the scene (and delete it later), but because such a scene never…

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Lewis Live-Stream Free for All

David Mathis

UPDATE: See available audio and video rebroadcasts.

At long last, we gather this weekend in Minneapolis for the Desiring God 2013 National Conference.

The fullest experience will be on the ground in Minnie, but we’re kicking the doors wide open across the Worldwide Web for all to stream in. Whosoever wills may come with the free-of-cost conference live-stream.

All the action is available — in English, Spanish, and Russian…

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Take Christ As Your Motto

Tony Reinke

Wikipedia can be misleading.

August 4, not July 24, marks the annual birthday of slave trader-turned-pastor John Newton (1725–1807). The date change is due to an 11-day shift in the calendar adopted in 1750 which pushed all previous dates forward.

So for most of his life, August 4 marked Newton’s birthday, a day set aside, not for feasting and parties, but for fasting, solemn prayer, and Godward praise.

An Enduring

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Would We Have Been Friends? Keller and Piper on Lewis

Jonathan Parnell

C.S. Lewis tended to be generous, maybe even too generous.

Lewis’s influence is profound in the lives of Tim Keller and John Piper, but they both wonder whether they would be friends with him if he were still alive. Would Lewis’s imposing logic have made it difficult? Perhaps Lewis was too welcoming to figures outside the bounds of orthodoxy?

In the latest five-minute video, Keller and Piper ponder these points…

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J.I. Packer’s Conversion

Tony Reinke

Just this week, J.I. Packer celebrated his 87th birthday. We asked him to explain the formative role and influence of C.S. Lewis’s writings on his teen years, his conversion, and his later ministry, which he explains in this three-minute video.

A special early-bird rate for the Desiring God 2013 National Conference on C.S. Lewis ends at 11:59pm Friday night.

More on C.S. Lewis from Desiring God:

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When (Seemingly) Opposites Meet: Keller and Piper on Lewis

Jonathan Parnell

C.S. Lewis has been called the “Romantic Rationalist” because he brings together two seemingly opposite things. He is both rationally sharp and imaginatively brilliant, which is a rare combination.

In this five-minute video, Tim Keller and John Piper talk about some remarkable juxtapositions in Lewis and his influence on their lives.

A special early-bird rate for the Desiring God 2013 National Conference on C.S. Lewis is available if you register

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Keller and Piper Talk C.S. Lewis

David Mathis

C.S. Lewis claimed he was no theologian. At least that wasn’t his day job. But it didn’t stop him from seriously shaping some of today’s most influential theologians.

Lewis was a world-class scholar of English literature, and a Christian layman and apologist, and one of the main formative heroes for both Tim Keller and John Piper.

In this new 10-minute video, Piper interviews Keller about Lewis’s ongoing impact on him…

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