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The Purifying Power of Delight in Christ

Tony Reinke

Scottish pastor Robert Murray McCheyne (1813–1843) left us with one quote that has become quite famous, and for good reason. It goes like this: “For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ.” The quote is short, sticky, and it helps to both keep our focus on Christ and protect us from the trap of over-introspection with our own sins.

The line is taken from a letter published in …

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The Heart of Discipleship

Jonathan Parnell

Discipleship is about values.

This could not be clearer in the Gospels. Jesus' call is for a double action: leave and follow. "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men," he first said to Peter and Andrew in Matthew 4:19. And "Immediately they left their nets and followed him." Then to James and John. And "Immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him." Whether nets…

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Our Gold, His Glory

Tony Reinke

It would be difficult to find a better summary of what Desiring God is all about than from this quote taken from the writings of Puritan Thomas Watson:

We glorify God by working out our own salvation. God has twisted together, his glory and our good. We glorify him by promoting our own salvation. It is a glory to God to have multitudes of converts; his design of free grace…

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The Darling Object of William Wilberforce

Jon Bloom

At 4:00 AM on February 24, 1807, the British Parliament overwhelmingly voted to abolish the slave trade and then “rose almost to a man and turned towards [William] Wilberforce in a burst of Parliamentary cheers…while he sat, head bowed, tears streaming down his face.”1 

This extraordinary moment was the culmination of 20 years of relentless, determined personal and legislative exertion to bring this evil trade to an end.…

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12 Songs Featuring (or Influenced by) John Piper

Tyler Kenney

Tim Challies has done a helpful work in compiling a list of at least 12 songs (10 of which are hip-hop) that either feature John Piper preaching or have been directly influenced by him or one of his books.

The list consists of

  • "Don't Waste Your Life" by Lecrae
  • "Make War" and "This Song's for You" by Tedashii
  • "All-Consuming Fire" and "My Portion" by Shai Linne
  • "Who He Is" by…
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10 Steps to Stay Alive to the Beauty of God's World

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper read G. K. Chesterton at the advice of Clyde Kilby, one of his professors of English Literature at Wheaton College back in the day. And this book recommendation from Kilby didn't come in a vacuum. Piper writes about how Kilby himself was amazed at the world, and that, with a pastoral heart and a poet's eye, he influenced his students to really believe Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare…

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Luther on God and His Gifts

Jonathan Parnell

Martin Luther:

Although it hurts us when he takes his own from us, his good will should be a greater comfort to us than all his gifts, for God is immeasurably better than all his gifts.

Luther: Letters of Spiritual Counsel, trans. and ed., Theodore G. Tappert, 1960, (Vancouver, BC: Regent College Publishing, 2003), 54.


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The Life-Changing Discovery of Christian Hedonism

Sam Storms

There was a time when I thought the verb “enjoy” and the noun “God” should never be used in the same sentence. I could understand “fearing” God and “obeying” God, even “loving” God. But “enjoying” God struck me as inconsistent with the biblical mandate both to glorify God, on the one hand, and deny myself, on the other. How could I be committed above all else to seeking God’s glory…

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Questioning Our Hope and Refocusing Our Wonder

John Knight

The topic of the new heaven and new earth is a popular one with some of the people we hang out with. As you can probably guess, they also have children with severe disabilities. There is comfort in thinking about our children being free from their limitations and pain.

But this hope can be dangerous, too. We envision heaven to be a wonderful place, full of freedom and laughter and…

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