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How Manhood and Womanhood Are Different

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper and Darrin Patrick recently discussed the Bible's teaching on biblical manhood and womanhood. In this 15-minute video they get to the heart of our cultural epidemic and chart the way forward for how the church can help:


00:42 — The absence of men and its implications.

03:01 — Definitions for manhood and womanhood.

07:47 — What can the church do to help this situation?

10: 00 —…

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Why Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Matters

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper and Darrin Patrick recently discussed the Bible's teaching on biblical manhood and womanhood. In this ten-minute video they share about their journey to embrace biblical complementarity and why it matters:

Stream or download the interview.


00:35 — John Piper's pilgrimage on the issue of biblical complementarity.

05:03 — Darrin Patrick's pilgrimage on the issue. . . .

07:33 — Why biblical complementarity matters in ministry.

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One Way a Small Church Is Blessed

John Knight

A true story and an example to emulate. . . .

Kristina (my niece) is a young woman with a complicated life. 

She was born with a rare genetic disorder that resulted in orthopedic issues across her entire body alongside limited intellectual capacities. She has undergone dozens of surgeries, has endured countless medical tests and hospitalizations, and will always need someone to look out for her. She is very vulnerable…

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Like a Grain of Mustard Seed: The Chinese Church Today

Tyler Kenney

Both BBC News and Aljazeera have written recently about the tremendous growth and increasing influence of the evangelical church in China. The news is no surprise, especially to those who have been observing and writing about it for a while; but the fact that it is making headlines internationally is a good reminder to the global church of our ongoing need to know the welfare of our own Body.


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Discipling Men in the Local Church

Jonathan Parnell

Doug Wilson will speak on the subject of "father hunger" at our 2012 Conference for Pastors (Jan 30 – Feb 1). Registration is now open.


Recent posts for the 2012 Conference for Pastors —

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America — Not as Mature as We Should Be

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper:

The church is the assembly of those in whom the gospel has taken root. Therefore, it is the group where the reconciling power of the gospel will be seen — or not.

On this issue, given our history, we are not as mature in America as we should be. God’s word in Hebrews 5:12-14 rings true in this regard:

Though by this time you ought to be teachers,…

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Nigeria: Corruption, Church Growth and Discipleship

John Piper

On September 20-22, readers of Operation World are praying for Nigeria. Among the matters for prayer is the plague of corruption. “The scale of corruption in Nigeria is staggering,” write the authors (643).

What is the price of this corruption?

“The impact of corruption on Nigeria is devastating and crippling.

  • It pulls others into the grasping free-for-all,
  • it undermines those who attempt good governance,
  • it inspires the imposition of shari’a,
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One Third of Americans Affiliate with Evangelical Churches

John Piper

Byron Johnson is Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University. In the most recent First Things, he writes The Good News About Evangelicalism, and gives some of the results of The Baylor Religious Survey.

The results contradict recent claims that evangelicalism is shrinking and the younger generation is becoming more secular. I suspect the main value of empirical research like this is to keep other researchers…

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Critiquing the Left—And the Right

David Mathis

We commended Darrin Patrick’s new book Church Planterbefore, but here’s a particular word for the preface, titled “Why Focus on Men?” It may be one of the best short articles on biblical manhood now available.

Below are a couple paragraphs that give the flavor of Patrick’s even-handed perspective—an approach that critiques both the left and the right, and thus steers clear of both the liberal and conservative…

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