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Serving Appetizers: Worship Services That Keep Their Promises

Matthew Westerholm

As a worship pastor, I am saddened to read polls reporting young people leaving our churches. True, this happens in each generation (remember the Boomer-angs who returned to church in the 1990s?), but how can service planners encourage the continued participation of young people within our churches?

One of the regular ways churches respond is to adopt a more contemporary style of music. But if you know two different teenagers,…

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How Do You Prepare for Sunday?

Jordan Kauflin

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I went out to eat on a date. On a whim, we decided to go see a movie as well. Just like that. No preparation, we just decided and went. The lack of preparation had absolutely no bearing on how much we enjoyed the movie. After all, we just wanted to be entertained.

Unfortunately, we can often approach the Sunday meeting in a…

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Idolatry in Corporate Worship

Bob Kauflin

What’s your greatest hindrance to worshiping God as you gather with the church for corporate worship?

I can think of a number of possible answers: Our song leader isn’t very experienced. The liturgy is too stifling. The band sounds bad. The preacher is uninspiring. Our church is too small. Or, Our church is too big.

While I don’t want to minimize the importance of faithful planning, musical skill, and wise…

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Meeting with God

Pat Sczebel

It is Saturday night, and my wife and I are just about to tuck our second batch of kids into bed. Yup, that’s right, our birth children are all grown up now, and for some crazy reason, we’ve adopted three more and are fostering a baby. This now gives us the privilege of repeating to our younger kids (ages twelve, ten, nine, and one) much of what we taught our…

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Our Holy, Stubborn Song

Gloria Furman

There’s something stubborn about singing praise to God.

We live in a fallen world. Things are not as they ought to be. How can our mouths be filled with praise in the midst of so much darkness?

Yet we sing.

We sing because we once followed the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), but now the King has died for us and delivered us from the present…

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Why We Shouldn’t Neglect to Meet Together

Jon Bloom

Have you ever thought of this simply stunning statement by God as a reason why we are to gather together in corporate worship?

It is not good that the man should be alone. (Genesis 2:18)

What’s so incredible about this is that God said it before the fall, when Adam’s heart was undimmed by the dark night of sin and he enjoyed unbroken fellowship with his Creator.

What was not…

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Worship That’s Out of This World

Marshall Segal

The gospel all at once puts us at home in every culture and at odds with every culture.

Christ wants to and will make his home in every culture on the planet. This faith is not restrained to Jews, and certainly not to Americans. No, our God intends to be worshipped and enjoyed among every ethnicity and in every language across the globe. So Christianity can be at home in…

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Is the Preaching Any Good?

Jonathan Parnell

One of the most fundamental truths to understand about the church’s corporate gathering is that Jesus is a giver.

Jesus, our Savior and salvation — the one to whom we are united by faith — gave himself to us by becoming like us. He then gave himself to us by dying in our place. And still today, every week when the church meets, he gives himself to us through the…

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When Hearts Are Tuned to Worship

Matt Boswell

I can almost hear the bells of our church steeple still ringing in my ear.

Every Sunday morning as a child church bells would echo through our town. From our steeple tower, a proclamation would sound to all who could hear that God was summoning his people to worship.

The walk from the back door of the parsonage to the church sanctuary took less than a minute at a ten-year-old…

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Those Dragons Underneath Our Beds

Matthew Westerholm

How we approach a situation reveals what we expect to find.

Imagine it is 2 A.M. and I’m asleep. My wife taps my shoulder and says, “I heard something. I think there’s an intruder downstairs.” My mind immediately kicks into high-gear. I reach underneath my bed and grab a 7-iron — to protect the family — and slowly make my way to the kitchen where my wife heard the sound.…

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