Blog Posts on Disease & Sickness

Jesus and Cerebal Palsy

Stefan Green

Jesus means everything to me. My life is worship.

Often we Christians throw around phrases like these, once full of meaning, but now uttered with too much flippancy and routine. But Rodger Frournoy, Jr. talks like this because he means it with all of his body and soul.

When I hear Rodger talk about what it’s like to live with cerebral palsy, and what Jesus means to him in the…

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The Struggles and Hopes of a Disabled Dad

Dave Furman

Ten years ago I was white-knuckling the handles of a raft in the rapids of Costa Rica while my wife and I were on our honeymoon.

Ten years later on our anniversary, a kind stranger offered his help to my wife who was trying her best to lift my disabled body into an inner tube at a hotel pool. I can only imagine what was going through that gentleman’s mind…

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Disability and Dads — Where Desperation Meets Delight

Greg Lucas

I can think of no more desperate scenario than the one that plays out with your child suffering and you as the parent being helpless to come to their rescue.

Such is the beautiful, grace-disguised, heart-crushing struggle of parenting a disabled child.

I’m speaking especially to fathers here — fathers who fix things. You can’t fix this. Fathers who defend their children — you can’t defend against this. You can’t…

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No, We're Not God

John Knight

When the Journal of Medical Ethics released the article, “What makes killing wrong?” in January, they set off a mini-storm of outrage and controversy.  The authors, from Duke University and the National Institutes of Health, asserted that ‘universally and irreversibly disabled people’ could be killed for the sake of retrieving their organs for people who are not totally disabled.

On the whole, the issue raised is when it…

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My Daughter's Cancer, the Book of Job, and God's Mercy

Doug Rumbold

“Your daughter has cancer.”

Those words still sting lemon juice on a paper cut. Tonight as I put Jada (six years old) to bed I asked her if she knew anyone who loved the Lord but still experienced pain and sorrow. Her reply? “Me and Jesus, Daddy. Except Jesus’ sorrow was badder than mine because he took all my sin and died.”

It appears the recent reading of Job and…

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Pray for the Pearsons

Jon Bloom

Mitch and Mary Pearson are very precious to us. They are long-time members of Bethlehem Baptist, a church they have served in countless ways. And Mitch has served on the DG Board of Directors for the past 10 years.

In January 2009, Mary was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. They have been waging war on the disease ever since with chemo, bone marrow transplants, drugs, and lots and lots of…

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