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Leap and Weep: Pondering Again That It’s Over

John Piper
Leap and Weep: Pondering Again That It’s Over

People continue to ask me how it feels. “You were a pastor non-stop for 33 years. Now you’re not. How does it feel?”

I have been tongue-tied too many times. So I have tried to come up with the shortest possible sound-bite answer. And the second shortest. The shortest is “Leap and Weep.” The second shortest is “Burden Lifted, Blessings Lost.” They refer to the same paradox. When a burden is lifted, you leap. When blessings are lost, you weep.

Paul said to the... Continue Reading

Meet the New John Piper

David Mathis and Jonathan Parnell

“I feel like I’m 22 again,” says the newly transitioned John Piper.

Now that his pastorate at Bethlehem Baptist Church has officially ended, Piper says he feels like a recent college grad who is free to do anything God lays on his heart. “When you have that much freedom, you’re really faced with significant ‘don’t waste your life’ choices.” He plans to seek God in a focused way in the next year as to how to invest his next 10 or 15 years, if God would give that many.

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Piper's Green Preaching at Fuller (1971)

David Mathis

"Today is one of the best days of my seminary life." So wroteJohn Piper in his journal on Wednesday, March 24, 1971, during his final semester at Fuller Seminary.

On that Monday, March 22, "Dr. Schaper called me and asked me to speak in chapel today," he explained. "I agreed to and went straight to God, and all I did from that phone call until chapel this morning (except go to 2 classes) was pray, think, and write for the sermon I gave."

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Similarities and Distinct Emphases of John Piper and Doug Wilson

Jonathan Parnell
Similarities and Distinct Emphases of John Piper and Doug Wilson

Joe Rigney, Instructor of Theology and Christian Worldview at Bethlehem College and Seminary, has assembled a list of resources from John Piper and Doug Wilson that characterize their similarities, influences, and distinct emphases.

C. S. Lewis

G. K. Chesterton

One of My Teachers Has Died

John Piper
One of My Teachers Has Died

Arthur Holmes was one of two philosophy teachers (the other was Stuart Hackett) who had a significant influence in shaping my mind at Wheaton College. I thank God for him.

I wrote in The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor,

In one sense my college and seminary days relate to each other as form and substance. The college days solidified passions and habits of mind. The seminary days defined what the focus of those habits would be, namely God and his word and his people.... Continue Reading

John Piper's Journal Entry On January 27, 1987

Scott Anderson
John Piper's Journal Entry On January 27, 1987

We are excited to announce that the 25th Anniversary Edition of the bookDesiring Godis now available.

Who could have known what God's gracious intentions were 25 years ago when this volume first arrived for publication? Looking back, we have only praise and thanksgiving to God for how He has used it to encourage and equip the Church.

And as we look forward, it is our faith-filled prayer that God will glorify himself through the truths in this book, opening the... Continue Reading

John Piper’s Report on His Leave of Absence

John Piper

I wrote this report for Bethlehem and have adapted it for this first day of 2011 on the DG Blog. It’s longer than a blog should be. My only excuse is that I did cut 263 pages.

For eight months of this year (May–December), I was on a leave of absence. That meant I was free from all my pastoral duties. It also meant that all my public ministry was shut down (with a few exceptions): no preaching, no writing for publication, no speaking (except for the Desiring God... Continue Reading

31 Years Ago Today: Piper Called to Preach

David Mathis

It was October 14, 1979—31 years ago today—when John Piper first felt “irretrievably called” to enter the pastoral and preaching ministry. Justin Taylor told the story well a year ago on the 30th anniversary.

Here’s how John remembered October, 1979, in his 2002 sermon “The Absolute Sovereignty of God” on Romans 9 (quoted on page 33 ofFor the Fame of God’s Name:

[It was]the fall of 1979. I was on sabbatical from teaching at Bethel College. My one aim on this leave... Continue Reading

Thank You, Pastor John, for 30 Years

Jon Bloom

Today marks the 30th anniversary of John Piper’s pastoral leadership at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Thirty is a significant milestone in a number of ways. John was just over 30 years old (34) when he assumed the senior pastorate on July 13, 1980, which means John has spent almost half his life pastoring this congregation. Bethlehem was 109 years old in 1980, which means John has been the pastor for almost 30% of its existence.

Through his sophomore year in college becoming a... Continue Reading