Blog Posts on End Times / Return of Christ

The Closing Ceremonies and the End of History

Ed Uszynski

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games have become events themselves, bookends to the highly anticipated competitions they bracket. Given the estimated billion people who watched both the Beijing and London opening ceremonies, the pre- and post- event spectacles arguably attract larger followings than the competitions themselves.

During these non-competitive portions of the games, we experience national pride in our “home team” combined with the collective joy that…

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Sam Storms on the End Times

Jonathan Parnell

"End times" is a little like "free food" — throw the words in a headline and it'll make you look twice. For many Christians, it's a hot topic. And it does have implications for our lives in this world.

Sam Storms recently discussed the different views of eschatology for a Theology Refresh interview — the podcast for pastors that refreshes important points of doctrine.

Stream or download this 14-minute interview

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Will We Arrive Blameless on the Day of Christ?

John Piper

There is a faith-sustained holiness that Paul wants his converts to have on the day of Christ — the day of his return, when the dead in Christ will be raised (1 Corinthians 15:23). This holiness (which he also calls “blamelessness” and “guiltlessness” and “being above reproach” and “purity”) is certain through God’s faithfulness, contingent on persevering faith, and dependent on human agency.


Paul is certain that God…

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Ice-Cold at the End of the Age—And White-Hot

John Piper

I am a historic, premillennial, post-tribulational, evangelical Christian who thinks it is possible that, when Jesus appears visibly and bodily on the clouds to establish his earthly kingdom, the Twin Cities could be 95% born-again, Bible-believing Christians, including the mayors, the city council, and the policemen.

“Lawlessness will be increased, [and] the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). But, meanwhile, white-hot martyr-types will take the gospel to every…

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A Violent Messiah?

Jon Bloom

Psalm 110 is one of the great messianic psalms, and one of the most quoted OT texts in the New Testament. On this side of the cross, we understand that it prophesies of Jesus’ second-coming.

It’s also quite offensive to postmodern cultural sensibilities. Especially the parts like, "He will fill [the nations] with corpses" (Psalm 110:6). Yikes! That’s violent. All this talk about thrones and conquerors and war sounds like…

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The Second Coming Is Like Lightning and Vultures

John Piper

Jesus is going to return to earth. I pray very soon. He said that before he comes—periodically throughout history—some people would think he has already come.

If they say to you, "Look, he is in the wilderness," do not go out. If they say, "Look, he is in the inner rooms," do not believe it. (Matthew 24:26)

Then he gave two reasons not to believe such rumors.

The first is…

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