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The Surpassing (Not Bypassing) Authority of Jesus

Jenny Frank

God is on a mission to redeem the world. We know this is true because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As believers, on one hand, we relate to this mission because we are those God has brought near to himself. But on the other hand, we relate to this mission because Jesus has commissioned us to participate by spreading the gospel.

When Jesus gives us the…

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Kitchen Grace and the Great Commission

Yia Vang

There is a story about trying to bring the gospel to indigenous people in Indonesia. Every day the missionaries came into the village and tried to gather the people to preach the good news. Not many of the villagers would listen. Most paid no attention at all.

This went on for months until they noticed that every time the chief of the tribe wanted to speak to the crowd or…

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Evangelism at Ease

Jenny Frank

Sweaty hands and a gnawing in the stomach. Nervous thoughts that can’t sort themselves out fast enough. The all too cognitive sense that the words coming out are forced, a formula you’d rather memorize than fumble through.

If you’ve ever tried to intentionally share the gospel with an unbeliever, you might relate to such an experience.

Throughout college, and especially this past year in Central Asia, it has been a…

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Are You Too Christian for Non-Christians?

Rick Segal

Google the expression “know your number” and you’ll find screen after screen of reportedly essential life metrics ranging from prostate-specific antigens (PSA), to cholesterol, the amount of money you will need in savings to retire, and your enneagram — which is a quantification of personality which, depending on whom you believe, was either the brainchild of a 4th century Christian mystic or a 20th century Bolivian spiritualist, give or take…

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Getting Clear on Evangelism

Jonathan Parnell

We might have evangelism mixed up.

When evangelism is often discussed, it tends to focus on how churches mobilize their people to get out and connect with unbelievers. But when we think in these terms, the definition of evangelism can be mistaken as a maneuver, rather than proclamation.

To evangelize, explains pastor Jeff Vanderstelt, simply means to herald the good news of Jesus. The evangelist, or messenger, is the one…

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Don’t Give Up on Don

Marshall Segal

This weekend, in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Donald Sterling has asked for forgiveness.

Now, you won’t have to listen to the interview very long before you’ll be tempted to raise questions about the depth of his remorse and contrition. It certainly doesn’t help his cause that he’s immediately shoving blame onto his mistress. It will be easy to hurry to conclusions about his “confession,” but I want to…

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When Mission Gets Real

Jonathan Parnell

We make an inevitable understatement.

Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 28:18, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” The right to rule everything belongs to him. All existence comes under his reign. Jesus is the one true King.

This is unspeakably important. The highest significance we could attribute to these words still seems to fall short. The crucified and risen Christ has cosmic authority.…

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Remember Saint Patrick

David Mathis

Saint Patty’s Day is for the pagans.

You might say it that way, and then carefully wash your Christian hands of all the carousing and empty revelry that makes all things Irish into an excuse for a godless spring party. But you might say the same thing, and mean it not as a call to circle the wagons, but to charge the hill.

Deep beneath much of what the day…

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The Problem with Jesus

Carl Laferton

When it comes to outreach, we have a problem with Jesus.

Not a problem with who Jesus is, of course. Jesus is the answer to all our deepest questions and longings. He is the compassionate one the broken search for, the forgiving one the flawed need, the strong one the weak can cry to, the challenging one the self-righteous require.

In evangelism, as in all ministry, if we’re not talking…

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Five Steps for Relating to Theological Liberals

Dave Abernethy

1. The desire for the Christian faith to be free from the word of God in mood, methods, morals, or message.

For many of us happily immersed in the world of conservative evangelicalism, liberalism is a highly suspect word. Strictly speaking, though, liberalism (the desire for freedom or liberation) is amoral. That is, the morality of freedom is entirely contingent upon the subject from whom we desire to…

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