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When the Perfect Comes . . .

Jon Bloom

“…when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away” (1 Corinthians 13:10).

Another year is passing away. Thank God. Not only for the massive amounts of unquantifiable grace we have received from him, but also because we are one year closer to the passing away of this partial age and all of its incumbent sorrow and weariness.

“When the perfect comes.” Those inspired words stir up deep longings for a…

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When You're More Blessed Than Mary

Jonathan Parnell

Jesus says, "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed" (John 19:29).

What he means is that those who have never seen him in person and still believe in him are blessed.

But that's not easy. We're certainly not prone to think this way. I mean, can you imagine what it would have been like to see Jesus? To see God in the flesh, lying in a…

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To Those Hurting This Christmas

John Knight

I know some of you are praying you’ll make it through Christmas — just make it through — not anticipating anything good will come from gathering with extended family and friends. It has become a cliche — right next to the article on what second-graders are excited about for Christmas is the article on the rise in depression during this last month of the year.

You know the sadness is…

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When We Don't Want to Wait

Jonathan Parnell

Where in the world is it? I couldn't find my electric beard trimmer. I opened the sink cabinets and moved around a few bath towels. Still nothing. Inanimate objects don't grow legs and walk away (my mother used to say), but this was gone. I decided to forget it and move on after searching around ten seconds.

But then it dawned on me...

I have mistaken accessibility as actuality. What…

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Jesus Gives Us Reasons to Obey

Steve Fuller

It’s puzzling. When I speak on living by faith I often ask, "How many of you know that Jesus calls us to love our enemies?" Everyone nods and says they know this.

Then I ask, "How many of you know the reason Jesus gives for why we should love our enemies?" Almost always the response is the same — very few know the reason.

Why don’t we know the

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Fighting for Faith with a Fan

Marshall Segal

When going to war or defending his family, a man would be silly to arm himself with the bellows from his fireplace. An accordion with a kazoo on the end simply won’t strike fear in any enemy, however weak, small, and outnumbered. How much power can there be in small, manual puffs of air?

But what if the enemy is Satan? And our bellows is blowing the life-sustaining, hope-inspiring oxygen…

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Sexy, Successful, and Smart

Jon Bloom

He had… no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men. (Isaiah 53:2)

Are you feeling hopeful today? Take a look under the hood. How much of your hope is linked to some promise of a more attractive, prosperous, impressive future you — a you others will admire? Feeling discouraged? How much is linked to someone else’s disapproval?

The world has a gospel and preaches…

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Saving Faith Is Wanting Jesus

Jonathan Parnell

2 Timothy 4:7–8 tells us that the apostle Paul will get a reward. The "crown of righteousness" awaits him. But why? What is this reward for?

Answer: fighting the fight of faith.

And there's more. The reward is not just for Paul, who has fought the fight of faith, but it's also for everyone who loves the appearing of Jesus.

Expounding these verses, John Piper explains how they teach us…

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When You’re in a Spiritual Storm, Trust Your Instruments

Jon Bloom

“Spatial disorientation” is what a pilot experiences when he’s flying in weather conditions that prevent him from being able to see the horizon or the ground. Points of reference that guide his senses disappear. His perceptions become unreliable. He can no longer be sure which way is up or down. It can be deadly — it killed John Kennedy, Jr.1

The only way a pilot can overcome spatial disorientation…

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