Blog Posts on Fear & Anxiety

Don’t Worry, Be Casting

Andy Naselli

First Peter 5:6–7 is bursting with hope and comfort. When I am tempted to worry, I often meditate on it. And when I come alongside people who are full of anxieties, I invariably share it with them.

But understanding why that passage is filled with hope and comfort requires a mini-grammar lesson: What is the relationship between humility and anxiety?

Cast or Casting?

Peter commands, “Humble yourselves, therefore,…

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20 Quotes on Loneliness

Tony Reinke

Loneliness can be an embarrassing topic we don’t like to talk about or admit to. Yet all of us are familiar with it, to some degree, because loneliness is an inescapable consequence of the fall.

No surprise, readers request more content on loneliness. To that end, let me introduce Paul Matthies. Paul is a Christian, former missionary in Asia, current pastor in Texas, he’s single and he has openly shared…

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Lay Aside the Weight of Fear

Jon Bloom

What happened in Boston on Monday was demonic. The thief (John 10:10) killed three precious lives, wreaked physical destruction on scores more and spiritual destruction on thousands. And he stole not only the joy of the race for millions, but far worse he stole trust. This will have widespread social and cultural repercussions.

This Boston massacre makes visible a spiritual reality. When the bombs exploded, the Boston Marathon stopped and…

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13 Reasons Christians Don’t Have to Be Afraid

Jonathan Parnell

Fear is like the monster under my kids’ beds — its power is fueled not by what’s really there, but by what might be, what we imagine could be. Fear is a hollow darkness in the future that reaches back through time to rob our joy now by belittling the sovereign goodness of God.

But if we are in Christ, if we cling to him by faith, we…

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Do Not Be Afraid

Jon Bloom

Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed at this great horde, for the battle is not yours but God’s. (2 Chronicles 20:15)

The Predicament

In 2 Chronicles 20, the armies of Moab, Ammon, and Edom were on the move. Destination: Jerusalem. These were relatives of the Israel, Moab and Ammon being descendants of Lot and Edom of Esau. But this was no family reunion. This was a slaughter…

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John the Baptist's Doubt

Jon Bloom

Are you struggling with doubts in the middle of painful circumstances? So did John the Baptist. As he sat in Herod Antipas’s prison waiting likely execution, he was afflicted with doubts about Jesus.

“Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?”

This was a surprising question coming from John the Baptist.

It’s unclear exactly when John first consciously knew that Jesus was the Son…

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Learning from the Logic of Fear

John Piper

God says to Ezekiel, “Fear them not, nor be dismayed at their looks, for they are a rebellious house” (Ezekiel 3:9).

The logic strikes me, at first, as odd. Don’t be afraid of the people of Israel. Why? Because they are a rebellious house.

Why would their rebelliousness reduce my fear of them?

Because the condemnation on their faces will not stick. They hold you in derision, but they are

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You Obey the One You Fear

Jon Bloom

At the root of insecurity — the anxiety over how others think of us — is pride. This pride is an excessive desire for others to see us as impressive and admirable. Insecurity is the fear that they won’t, but instead they will see us as deficient. As King Saul1 shows us, it’s a dangerous fear because insecurity can lead to great disobedience.

Samuel’s heart was broken and heavy…

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What's the Deal with Anxiety?

Jonathan Parnell

Pastor John explains the nature and effects of anxiety,

Think for a moment how many different sinful actions and attitudes come from anxiety. Anxiety about finances can give rise to coveting and greed and hoarding and stealing. Anxiety about succeeding at some task can make you irritable and abrupt and surly. Anxiety about relationships can make you withdrawn and indifferent and uncaring about other people. Anxiety about how someone will…

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Are You Controlled By the Future?

Josh Etter

Martyn Lloyd-Jones:

'Take no thought for the morrow,' means 'Do not be guilty of anxious thoughts about the morrow'. It does not mean that you do not take any thought at all, otherwise the farmer would not plough and harrow and sow. He is looking to the future, but he does not spend the whole of his time wondering and worrying about the end results of his work. No, he…

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