Blog Posts on Forgiving Others

What About When the Hurt Comes from Your Church?

John Knight

This is a plea to parents of children with disabilities — if you are in a faithful, Bible-saturated church, hang in there with them while they figure things out. Even when they don’t “get it.” Even when they hurt you. Joy will come.

Weariness and Wariness

There is a peculiar intensity to experiencing disability in this culture. My wife remarked just last week, “you would think I would be used…

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Five "Benefits" of Unforgiveness (Then the Better Way)

Paul Tripp

Why don’t people just forgive? That is a very good question. If forgiveness is easier and more beneficial, why isn’t it more popular? The sad reality is that there is short-term, relationally destructive power in refusing to forgive. Holding onto the other's wrongs gives us the upper hand in our relationship. We keep a record of wrongs because we are not motivated by what honors God and is best for…

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C.S. Lewis on the Problem of Forgiveness

Michael Johnson

C. S. Lewis writes about the problem of forgiveness:

. . . you must make every effort to kill every taste of resentment in your own heart—every wish to humiliate or hurt him or to pay him out. The difference between this situation and the one in such you are asking God’s forgiveness is this. In our own case we accept excuses too easily; in other people’s we do not…

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A Bitter Harvest?

Paul Tripp

The Bible is very clear about three things:

  1. God's way is always the best way (Psalm 119:160).
  2. God's way will not always seem the best way to you (Proverb 14:12).
  3. What you plant, you will harvest (Galatians 6:7ff).

In every relationship, every day you harvest what you previously planted and plant what you will someday harvest. When division and acrimony take place in a relationship, we aren't experiencing mysterious difficulty.…

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Listening to God Through Other People

Desiring God Staff

When I am most affected by being forgiven, it is often by my wife’s forgiveness of me, or by my parents’ forgiveness in the past, or even the simple way that my 3-year-old forbears this impatient father without a thought. In fact, I am consistently more moved by all of these than I am by how I’ve been forgiven by God through Jesus.

This doesn’t make sense, of course. After…

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