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Appreciation for Don Carson

John Piper
Appreciation for Don Carson

On the evening of April 12 in Chicago at The Gospel Coalition National Conference, I had the huge privilege of honoring D. A. Carson, as he was presented with a Festschrift by the president of Crossway Books, Lane Dennis. I represented pastors while John Woodbridge represented colleagues and scholars. Here is what I said to Don.

Tribute to Don Carson
From John Piper
TGC April 12, 2011
Chicago, Illinois

One of the most popular linguistic and exegetical fallacies in modern times is... Continue Reading

The Grace of God in Our Circumstances

Michael Oh
The Grace of God in Our Circumstances

Why You Weren't Born As an Impoverished Child in an Unreached Nation

Have you ever thought about why you were born into your particular circumstances? If you are reading this blog entry you are most likely a Christian whose life has been purchased by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. You are also likely relatively wealthy, at least compared to most people living in the world. If you have the ability to eat three times per day and have shelter over your head, you are... Continue Reading

The Goal of the Apostle Paul is Our Thanksgiving

Jonathan Parnell

2 Corinthians 4:13-14 features a piece of Paul's own commentary on his apostolic ministry. After highlighting the sufferings wrapped up in his ministry (2 Corinthians 4:8-10), he quotes a portion of Psalm 116 and identifies himself as having the same "spirit of faith."

This "spirit of faith" is explained by Paul in verse 14 as hope in the resurrection and is confirmed in the context of Psalm 116—which also includes suffering (Psalm 116:3-4) and... Continue Reading

Thank You, Benjamin, for a Beautiful New Kitchen

John Piper

This is an advertisement for Piper Construction Company, and a public celebration of God’s goodness to us as a family.

Our kitchen got a makeover with Benjamin Piper’s eye for craftsmanship and beauty. If you live in or near the Twin Cities and need any kind of remodeling—from decks to attics to basements to kitchens to bathrooms—I am sold on this fellow’s workmanship. A wise (and skillful) son makes a glad father.

Here is where he started:

Piper kitchen, before

Here is where he... Continue Reading

A Year-End Letter to the DG Staff

Jon Bloom

Dear Desiring God Staff,

As 2008 fades into history, I want to tell you again what a precious, undeserved privilege it has been to serve with you in the mission of Desiring God. God granted 44 of you to serve at some time during 2008, 35 of whom remain while the rest have followed the Lord’s call into other fields.

Most of the work—and the most important work—of Desiring God was accomplished this year through you. 1 Peter 2:17 says “Honor everyone.” And so I want to briefly... Continue Reading

A Tribute to Gratitude

John Piper

When I wrote Future Grace my aim was to show that, in the Bible, motivation for obedience to Jesus is never said explicitly to be gratitude. This is astonishing since many (most?) Christians list gratitude as the main motive for our obedience to Jesus.

My argument is that in the Bible “faith in future grace” not “gratitude for past grace” is the primary focus in motivating acts of love. (“You had compassion on those in prison...since you knew that you yourselves had a better... Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Clyde Kilby

John Piper

106 years ago today Clyde Kilby was born near Johnson City, Tennessee. He was one of the most formative teachers of my college days at Wheaton. He taught English literature. What made the difference was his extraordinarily awake, God-oriented palate for wonder in poetry and nature.

Dr. Kilby stood in front of us and exulted in beauty and wonder. He did not say: This poem is amazing. He was amazed. He didn’t just say the last chapters of the book of Job are mind-boggling glimpses... Continue Reading

A Word of Thanks for Dick Turnwall

John Piper

I just got word that Dick Turnwall went to be with Jesus yesterday. I want to give public thanks for a life-directing influence he had on me.

Dick was the Executive Minister of the Minnesota Baptist Conference in 1979 when, on October 14, in the wee hours of the morning, God rocked my world. Soon after midnight, there was no turning back. There arose in my soul a deeply settled conviction that God was calling me to leave academia (teaching at Bethel College) and pursue... Continue Reading

The Opening of the I-35W Bridge

John Piper
The Opening of the I-35W Bridge

A Tribute to Flatiron Constructors and Their Maker

Today in Minneapolis the I-35W Bridge opened at 5 AM, one year and 48 days since it collapsed into the Mississippi River at rush hour (6:05 PM) on August 1, 2007. There are more reasons here to give thanks to God than meet the eye.

From the vantage point of one year later we may offer God several kinds of gratitude that were hard to express last year. Without minimizing the massive pain to the families of those who died,... Continue Reading