Blog Posts on Gratitude

More Gratitude for Jon Bloom

John Piper

Dear Jon,

Your faithfulness as the creator and leader of Desiring God has been a gift to me beyond all deserving or imagining for these last fifteen years.

Who would have dreamed the little church tape ministry would be Desiring God? God alone. You are exactly the leader Desiring God needs. You embody the spirit and life that I long for this ministry to awaken in others.

Some can say

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A Letter to My Husband, Jon Bloom

Pam Bloom

July 15th marked 15 years since you started as John Piper’s assistant and soon started Desiring God and became the Executive Director. (People wondered what you would do with that anthropology major!)

As your wife I’ve been watching, admiring, and learning from you through this adventure of faith. And today I want to publicly celebrate God’s grace in your life and honor you, my dearest earthly love.

A passion for…

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A Thankful Man

John Piper

What kind of man would send his wife and 12-year-old daughter to Kenya by themselves?

The answer I wish I could give is: The kind of man who was smart enough to marry such a woman.

But, alas, when I married her I didn’t know that’s what I was getting.

So all I can answer is: A thankful man.

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