Blog Posts on Husbands & Fathers

Will You Be There?

Barnabas Piper

When I set out to write The Pastor’s Kid one of the first things I did was make sure I wasn’t nuts. I knew my own experiences and feelings towards being raised as a PK. I knew the difficulties and frustrations and pressures I had faced. But I didn’t know if my experience was normative or whether I was just weird. So I started contacting other PKs through Twitter, Facebook, email, and by phone.

Each time I would ask them…

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Putting on the Brave Face

Joe Rigney

Coaching tee ball is hard. And not just because it’s like herding a pack of wet cats. Or because five-year-olds generally prefer digging in the dirt to fielding grounders. Or because twenty minutes in, the main thing on half of the kids’ minds is the juice box after the game.

For me, coaching tee ball is hard because of the painful sweetness of the memories that are conjured on the little baseball diamond. Coaching tee ball is hard because I…

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A Father Worthy of Imitation

David Schrock

Read the Bible. Pray. Repeat.

Go to church. Talk about God along the way. Repeat.

Sow the seed. Pray for fruit. Trust the Lord. Wait. Repeat.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

For fathers who take serious the call of shepherding their family, the repetition involved can, if one is not careful, lose joy and strength over time. No matter how much grace we see in the gospel, every father is subject to spiritual fatigue.

For this reason, we need fresh promises and…

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How a Man Loves a Woman

Ben Stuart

“How do I love my wife well?” Young husbands frequently ask me this question, and it is a great one to ask. They are often faced with a laundry list of good tips: prioritize date nights, lead family prayer times, organize evening devotionals, take walks together, buy her flowers, write poetry, help around the house, etc.

I have found that these lists can be extremely helpful examples or extremely tyrannizing laws. If you anxiously try to accomplish them all, the…

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Finding the Fatherless: A Call to Fill the Gap

Phillip Holmes

It was my sophomore year in college. I sat frustrated in the office of our campus minister, Chad. I don’t exactly remember what I was frustrated about, just that I needed to vent and I knew Chad would listen.

We had only recently been introduced, but he was intentional about meeting with me. Initially, I wasn’t interested. It appeared we had nothing in common. Chad is white. I’m not. He is short. I’m not. He listens to bluegrass music. I…

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Dads, Write in Your Bible

Jonathan Parnell

It’s no secret that the word of God and prayer are a personal means of grace that spill over for the good of those around us.

We read the Bible not just for ourselves, but for our families, for our friends, for our community. We know that God doesn’t transform his people into dead-ends, but into rivers of living water. Deciding on a route and digging in on that resolve has more in view than our own souls. This is…

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The Kind of Father He Is

Jonathan Parnell

The castle was mangled. With just a glance, you could tell it was bad.

The main gate was completely exposed. The chains that once lowered the intimidating drawbridge were now severed. The drum tower, which had weathered the most obvious destruction, had its battlements crushed — so crushed that you could almost recreate in your head the sound it must have made the moment the blow came.

This thing must have been thrown down the stairs, I thought to…

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The Family: God’s Litmus Test of Applied Grace

Tim Kimmel

If you want to know the depth of one’s character, observe how they treat children and the elderly.

Folks on the extreme ends of life’s timeline usually have enormous needs and limited capabilities. These built-ins to their age bracket often place their daily success and ongoing dignity at the mercy of the people around them. Character is an outwardly focused nobility that is consistently offered — often at high personal cost — to people who can’t necessarily return the favor.…

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What Makes Dad Special

David Mathis

All around the world, dads are special today. Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June in the United States and more than 80 nations. It is fitting that we not only annually honor moms on Mother’s Day, but our fathers as well.

God’s good design is for both moms and dads, and for their appreciation and honor, whether old covenant (Exodus 20:12) or new (Ephesians 6:2). It takes man and woman, father and mother, to image God to a…

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New Piper eBook for Father’s Day

David Mathis

Father’s Day is this weekend, and John Piper and the team at Desiring God would like to help you get ready and make the most of it.

This new ebook from John Piper, A Tribute to My Father, brings together in one place his most significant writings that honor the indelible influence of his father, Bill Piper (1919–2007). Included here are the eleven “precious truths” John shared for Father’s Day 2005, as well as his journal entry from the…

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