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15 Quotes from the C.S. Lewis Conference

Tony Reinke

As we finish uploading all the audio and video of the C.S. Lewis conference online for you in the next few hours, here’s a sampling of fifteen quotes from the conference talks that caught our attention. These will give you a flavor of what to expect when you enjoy the conference recordings for yourself (soon).

UPDATE: All the conference media is now available.

Douglas Gresham, conference introduction video —

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How Is the Bible Without Error?

Jonathan Parnell

What exactly is meant by the confession: "The Bible is without error in the original manuscripts?"

The doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture is foundational to evangelical faith, yet there is some diversity in the opinion of what inerrancy entails. Back in 1976, John Piper sought to bring clarity to this issue in a short paper, "How Are the Synoptics 'Without Error'?"

This paper was recently transcribed as…

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