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A Poem for Molly and Abraham After the Ultrasound

John Piper

A Song for Molly and Abraham
On Seeing Baby A and Baby B

We cried,
“How long, O Lord, how long
will we be made to wait, and swallow jagged shards
of that unchristened chalice
of whose warm wine we never took a taste
and all we drank was emptiness unplanned?”

And he replied,
“Until you learn the song
that only sorrow sings, of how my soul regards
your ev’ry wound, and malice
has no place in my design, but all is paced
to come with double blessings in my hand.”

Something Everybody Agrees About

John Piper

My theology is the conviction that this quote from St. Augustine tells us more about God’s good design than our bad depravity.

The desire for happiness is not in myself alone or in a few friends, but is found in everybody. If we did not know this with certain knowledge, we would not want it with determination in our will. But what does this mean?

If two people are asked if they want to serve in the army, it may turn out that one of them replies that he would like to do... Continue Reading