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The Seven-Year Itch and the Joy of Lifelong Marriage

David Mathis

German politician Gabriele Pauli shocked her conservative party and sent waves through news outlets worldwide when she proposed in September 2007 that marriage should only last seven years.

Described at the time as “Bavaria’s most glamorous politician,” the 50-year-old, twice-divorced, motorcycle-riding Pauli campaigned for party head, in part, with the hopes of institutionalizing what some have called “the seven-year itch.” Her plan was that marriages would automatically dissolve after seven…

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Preparing to Worship in Attending a Wedding

Catherine Parks

It’s the beginning of the wedding season, which for many of us will mean multiple opportunities to witness afresh the symbolic representation of Christ’s covenant with his church.

Of course, this is especially the case at a Christian wedding, but even if the bride and groom are not believers, their wedding points to a far greater reality than they know, designed by our creator to anticipate the union of his…

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Walking the Wedding Aisle Without Your Virginity

Tony Reinke

A young man recently emailed this question in to the Ask Pastor John podcast:

Pastor John, I want to propose to my girlfriend, and as I prepare for marriage thoughts of my past mistakes come to mind. I think back to women I slept with before I was saved, and mistakes I made with my current girlfriend who I will, Lord willing, marry. People often speak of the purity to…

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Update on Ian and Larissa

Stefan Green

Three years ago, I was part of a small film crew that had the privilege of meeting Ian and Larissa Murphy at their home in Pennsylvania. Ian and Larissa were newly married, despite Ian’s traumatic brain injury in 2006. They were kind enough to let us tell their story.

When I think about that time I spent with Ian and Larissa, one thing stands out the clearest: their love for

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Valentine’s Day Is for Getting Drunk

Jon Bloom

The evolution of Valentine’s Day has followed a course similar to the evolution of Santa Claus. It began with legends surrounding an obscure saint (actually, there’s more than one St. Valentine) from early Christian history that oddly morphed over the centuries into something else entirely. Then it exploded into a pop culture and commercial phenomenon in Victorian England (thank the Brits for greeting cards, flowers, and “confectionaries”), with the United…

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When the Sex Should Stop

Jonathan Parnell

Sometimes sex should stop in marriage.

The sometimes is really important. Not all the time. It’s not what is normative or typical. It’s sometimes. And, at the same time, be sure that sometimes really means sometimes. Real times. These are actual moments, or seasons, that never present themselves as the anomaly they should prove to be in the long run. We’re talking about a tangible pause from sex,…

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Can You Define the Relationship?

Owen Strachan

We are living in strange times — specifically, in the age of the abortion contracts, wedleases, and throuples.

In 2007, J.J. Redick launched his NBA career with the Orlando Magic. Much ballyhooed out of Duke University, Redick entered games for essentially one purpose: to hit three-point shots. This he did with enough panache — and game-winning success — to make opposing fans all over the country dislike him (it’s a…

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Ian and Larissa: One Year Later

Tony Reinke

Note: Click the CC button to watch this video with captions in 18 different languages.

It’s been one year since we released this video, very simply titled: “The Story of Ian and Larissa.” The response was (and continues to be) stunning — over 1.5 million plays online from viewers around the world. But such impressive numbers only faintly echo the measure of grace in the lives of Ian and Larissa…

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Marriage on the Cosmic Stage

Tony Reinke

Christian marriage has been caught up into the cosmic drama of the gospel.

In this first Authors on the Line podcast of 2013 we talk with Bible scholar G. K. Beale, the Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. His research on Ephesians sheds light on how Christian marriage is shaped by the finished work of Christ in the inauguration of the New Creation. The patient…

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Marriage in the Cosmic Plan of God

Tony Reinke

How easy is it to detach our marriages from the finished work of Christ?

Very easy.

Tragically easy.

This may be due to living in a society where marriage is ever pressed into molds defined by the increasing unbelief around us, rather than biblical revelation. The very definition of marriage in our day has increasingly taken the feel of Play-Doh, all squishy and moldable in political debates and water-cooler conversations.

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