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The Extraordinary Work of Ordinary Means

Matthew Westerholm

As a brand new worship leader, I loved choosing songs. I loved finding a new song that pounded my heart and changed my world. I loved arranging that new song so that the big key change would bring the shekinah glory. And when I placed five of these beloved songs in the perfect order, I was sure the heavens would rend, Christ would return, and the eschaton would arrive.


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You Won’t Waste Your Life

Jonathan Parnell

Could you give your life to making Jesus known in an obscure, rural area?

This is a good question to ask ourselves. While the statistics say that an increasing percentage of the world’s population lives in cities, that doesn’t mean everyone lives in cities. Many people still live in less densely populated areas — the country, the sticks, “the highways and hedges,” we might say. Millions, even in the States,…

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Recommissioned and Ready to Launch

John Piper

For 33 years Bethlehem put bread on our table. They paid our salary. They didn’t muzzle this ox while he was treading out the grain (1 Timothy 5:18). They were the hands of God in meeting our needs. I am profoundly thankful. It was a sweet and powerful farewell last night — and included a special recommissioning from the elders for a final chapter of ministry beyond Bethlehem.

Now I’m…

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How John Piper Responds to Death Threats

Josh Etter

Everyday gospel ministry requires courage. Whether it’s the courage to keep going when insulted, or honestly repent when you’ve been wrong, or not cave when threatened physically, public Christian ministry necessitates many kinds of courage — whether the society is increasingly post-Christian or not.

It’s not just the death threats — which John Piper has received — but the daily friction against the gospel that demands courage, but in this…

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Light for a Dark World: The Story of Tope Koleoso

Tony Reinke

His plans were frustrated again by a lousy generator. No matter how many times he pulled the rope, it would not start up. He was used to his rented generators stopping intermittently during his itinerant work in these remote parts of Nigeria, but tonight was the first time a generator wouldn't even start.

There was no time to find a new one. The open field was swelling with more than…

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Salt and Like

Tony Reinke

You may have noticed a series of social media buttons on the side of each blog post and resource on the Desiring God website. This post is a little attempt to explain why those buttons, and the statistics they reflect, matter to us.

But I’ll begin with two reasons that do not explain why those buttons exist.

Like to Share

First, the social media numbers are not our attempt to…

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WORLD Magazine Article on Desiring God in China

Jonathan Parnell

The following article appeared in the January 14 issue of WORLD Magazine. To learn more about WORLD, check out You can also read it on the iPad or Kindle.


Web of Grace

CHINA | A burgeoning presence on the internet is helping Christians spread the Word in China | by Angela Lu

China's Christian surge is likely to continue in 2012, with teaching via the internet contributing…

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First Piper Book to Be Legally Published in China

Tyler Kenney

Along with the amazing growth of the church and the Internet in China, Christian publishing is also blossoming in a remarkable way.

We posted Michael Haykin’s thoroughly interesting and informational article about this last January. In it he listed some encouraging statistics, like,

  • There are 167,000 bookstores in China.
  • Over the past ten years, more than 200 Christian bookstores have opened throughout China.
  • 6.3 billion domestically-published books were sold in…
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Desiring God Online in China

Tyler Kenney

The church isn’t the only thing growing in China. Like in so many other countries these days, Internet use is booming too. At the Chinese government’s last official counting (June, 2010), 420 million of its people were online. No doubt there are millions more by now.

Along with the Internet, social media is also catching on. China Daily recently reported that over 300 million Chinese are registered micro-blog (think…

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