Blog Posts on Pastoral Ministry

Are You Pastoring Your Pastor?

Marshall Segal

Some of the least pastored people in the world are pastors.

These men work long, unpredictable hours, addressing every physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual issue under the sun, sacrificing their schedule, comfort, and a thousand other things, all without being…

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The Art of Motivation

Tony Reinke

Motivating people to serve is not an easy task. Ask any Christian leader.

So what’s the key?

This was a question from Josh (a pastor), to John Piper, in today’s Ask Pastor John podcast.

Motivation is an art, and like…

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The Introvert Pastor

Tony Reinke

Jared Wilson is an introvert and a pastor, which in some circles is an irreconcilable paradox. So how exactly does a pastor wisely lead people when his energy is so quickly depleted by being around people?

This is one of…

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