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Will You Be a Believer Tomorrow Morning?

John Piper
Will You Be a Believer Tomorrow Morning?

Christian, how do you know you will still be a believer when you wake up in the morning? And every morning till you meet Jesus?

The biblical answer is: God will see to it.

Are you okay with that? Does this make you uneasy, admitting it depends decisively on God? I hope it is your joy and song. It really does have huge implications to believe this. Let God’s word shape your mind on it.

We must endure in faith to enter heaven.

By itself “must” is not a gospel word. By... Continue Reading

Failure Doesn’t Have to Be the Last Word

Jon Bloom

Demas and Mark are contrasts in failure. One provides us a word of warning, the other a word of hope. And as people who stumble in many ways (James 3:2), we need both.


What happened to Demas? We don’t know. All we know is that some of the last words the Apostle Paul wrote before his Roman execution expressed a heartbreak:

Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica. (2 Timothy 4:10)

Maybe Demas feared being executed with Paul... Continue Reading

Praying for Your Straying Soul

John Piper
Praying for Your Straying Soul

Do you pray for your straying soul?

I do. Daily.

The soul is always in motion. If you think yours is motionless, you are probably floating downstream.

Daily the soul is lured to other treasures, other satisfactions, other rewards besides Jesus and his way. Jesus taught us to pray daily, “forgive us for these wanderings and lead us not into, but out of, them.”

So, how do you pray for your straying soul if you believe in God’s sovereign will to bring back his wayward ones? For... Continue Reading

The Olympic Fight of Faith

David Mathis
The Olympic Fight of Faith

Olympic glory is for the young. GymnastGabby Douglas is just 16 years old, swimmer Katie Ledecky is only 15, and Michael Phelps, age 27, says he's old enough to make these Olympic Games his last.

But the Christian "race" is for young and old. The fight of faith is for the healthiest and sickliest, for the seemingly strong and the weak.

So how is it that an aging Christian — barely able to walk, much less compete in Olympic track and field — can have the wherewithal to run?

John... Continue Reading

Reflections on the Life of Isaac Newton

Tony Reinke
Reflections on the Life of Isaac Newton

At a recent morning staff devotional at the DG offices, John Piper shared a biographical sketch of the brilliant scientist, Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727). The talk was inspired by his recent reading of this 2005 biography by Gale Christianson.

The 37-minute talk was recorded, and although the audio quality is poorer than we prefer, the content is worth sharing.

"Isaac Newton was one of the most brilliant men who walked this planet, and, as far as I can tell, he ‘missed... Continue Reading

How to Steady Yourself in the Age of Compulsive Mobility

Jonathan Parnell
How to Steady Yourself in the Age of Compulsive Mobility

We love to be on the move. Movement, activity, journey — Western society is a society on the go. Anthony Esolen calls it the "compulsion of perpetual mobility" in his recent Touchstone article, "God's Place and Ours: On Mutability and the Lost Virtue of Steadfastness." Pilgrimage has deep roots in the soul of Western humanity, he explains. But the problem now is that it's a pilgrimage detached from an end. A journey without a destination.

Esolen... Continue Reading

Don’t Give Up

Jon Bloom

“Here is a call for the endurance of the saints” (Revelation 14:12).

We all long for rest and refreshment. That’s a God-given longing that he promises to fulfill: “I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish” (Jeremiah 31:25).

And in a very real way Jesus gives rest to “all who labor and are heavy laden” and come to him (Matthew 11:28). But in this age, it is not the complete rest.

In this age, Jesus grants us the gospel rest of ceasing the impossible labor of... Continue Reading

Three Things Jesus Prays for Us

Jonathan Parnell
Three Things Jesus Prays for Us

Thomas Watson:

When a Christian is weak, and can hardly pray for himself, Jesus Christ is praying for him; and he pray for three things.

First, that the saints may be kept from sin (John 17:15). "I pray that thou shouldest keep them from evil." We live in the world as in a pest-house; Christ prays that his saints may not be infected with the contagious evil of the times.

Second, for his people's progress in holiness. "Sanctify them" (John 17:17). Let them have constant supplies... Continue Reading

How Did You Do in 2010?

Tyler Kenney

The last week of the year is a good time—with God's help—to reflect on the past 12 months, do a little self-assessment, and decide what things to repent of and reach for in the next lap around the sun.

At the end of his first year as pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, John Piper led his people in doing this through his sermon "I Have Kept the Faith."

Below is the conclusion of that sermon. Just plug in "2010" and "2011" where you read "1980" and "1981," and the content is still... Continue Reading

Jay Adams Reflects on Being 80

John Piper

Some good advice for the aging over at Jay Adams’ blog. He reflects on turning eighty.

Prepare for old age. True, you may never make it; there are former students of mine who have died already. If you don’t have some activity that you can engage in for the Lord, you will probably end up a sour and regretful old person.