Blog Posts on Retirement

A Better Country for Old Men

David Mathis

This is a plea from the younger generation to the older. We desperately need you.

Please don’t phone it in just when the King’s about to call. Don’t retire on the world’s terms and abandon your long-time local church.

As the tsunami of the Baby Boom begins to flood the shores of retirement, please don’t leave us Millennials to fend for ourselves and make the same mistakes all over again.…

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What Happens When You Turn 65

John Piper

Turning 65 in January has me all fired up to get busy. I am close enough to the finish line that the face of Jesus is coming into sharper focus. This is very exciting and makes me want to pick up the pace.

Of course, he is not the least impressed with frenzy. Nor is he pleased with Boomer indolence. What his face says to me is: “I am your…

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He Retired into Rural Missions

Tyler Kenney

Adding to yesterday's post, here is one more quote by John Paton about his father. This time about how he didn't waste his final years, even though he remained where he had always lived:

For the last twelve years or so of his life, he became by appointment a sort of Rural Missionary for the four contiguous parishes, and spent his autumn in literally sowing the good seed of…

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