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I Hate Porn

Eric Simmons
I Hate Porn

Pornography is a problem.

Porn is like a narcotic, it hijacks the brain, it redefines human sexuality, and in the meantime ruins lives, destroys families, and destabilizes ministries. And honestly it’s a problem that makes me tired — tired of the devastation Satan is causing to children, women, families, pastors, churches, and the world with this tragic evil.

Porn became a problem for me when I was only six, and by the grace of God that problem ended when Jesus saved me at age seventeen. But I... Continue Reading

Porn, Pride, and Praise

Tony Reinke
Porn, Pride, and Praise

According to a study by Covenant Eyes, roughly half of all professing Christian men and one-fifth of all professing Christian women admit to being porn addicts. Other reports indicate the problem could be even more extensive. Whatever the exact numbers, porn is a problem, a growing problem, and an increasingly accessible problem.

“The Internet is the crack cocaine of pornography,” says Heath Lambert, author of the forthcoming book, Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of... Continue Reading

20 Quotes from Finally Free

Tony Reinke
20 Quotes from Finally Free

The following quotes were taken from Heath Lambert’s excellent forthcoming book, Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace (Zondervan; August 8), now available for pre-order.

“Every instance of treasuring images of sexual immorality in our hearts, every eager glance at pornography, all of our lustful gawking — everything — is paid for by Jesus in his death for sinners.” (21)

“The tide will begin to turn in your struggle against pornography when you begin to grasp... Continue Reading

Sexual Sin in the Ministry

Harry Schaumburg
Sexual Sin in the Ministry

For the last twenty years thousands of men from across America struggling with sexual sin have come to our intensive counseling workshop. Over half were pastors and missionaries.

I wish our experience was unique.

Several years ago a seminary professor told me: “We no longer ask our entering students if they are struggling with pornography, we assume every student is struggling. The question we ask: ‘How serious is the struggle?’”

One missions agency told me that 80% of their... Continue Reading

Lust: Not for Men Only

Carolyn McCulley

We're well into the heat of summer now, and that means many churches across the American landscape have, at some point, reiterated the modesty message for thegood church ladies everywhere.

Wait. I can actually see that eyeroll of yours even from here. But, friends, don't click away just yet. Because I am going to go where large swaths of American church culture need to go on this topic … but often don't.

I'm talking about lust. And women.

For the past eight years, I've had the privilege... Continue Reading

Hans Küng Calls the Pope to Repent

John Piper

 The BBC reported recently, concerning the recent revelations of more sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church, "It is like a tsunami." Elke Huemmeler said “About 120 cases had come to light so far in Munich, about 100 of them at a boarding school run by monks.”

Hans Küng, long-time Roman Catholic critic of his own church (whose right to teach theology the church rescinded), has posted a challenge to the Pope. In it he says, “In Germany 86 percent of Roman Catholics charge... Continue Reading

Counting the Cost of Sexual Immorality

Jon Bloom
It's very important that we count the cost of sexual immorality beforetemptationhits. That's the time for clear thinking. Temptation clouds ourjudgment. That's why we pray "keep us from temptation." Avoiding thefog by steering around it is much better than trying to navigatethrough it.

Years ago, as a way to keep hishead clear, Randy Alcorn created a list of the ways he would bringdestruction into his life and others' lives were he to give in tosexual immorality. A few... Continue Reading

Hope for Sexual Strugglers

David Mathis

David fell in 2 Samuel 11. He saw that Bathsheba was “very beautiful,” and he followed his lusts down the slope to adultery—and then even to having her husband killed.

But by 1 Kings 1, David is able to be attended to by Abishag the Shunammite, who the text also says was “very beautiful,” and yet “the king knew her not” (verse 4).

Maybe aging was a factor, but my guess is that there’s much more going on here than merely getting old. Such a change sure seems like God’s purifying... Continue Reading

You Aren't Safe from Adultery

John Piper

Seeing Bathsheba bathing led to David’s adultery with her (2 Samuel 11:2-3).

David was a man after God’s own heart. David was born again. David wrote divinely inspired scripture. David was blessed with wisdom and power. David enjoyed an everlasting covenant relationship with God.

So what chance do you think you have to escape the effect of looking at naked women?

Those who are already gone—who’ve given up and forsaken their relationship with God—may say: Well, if you’ve seen it,... Continue Reading