Blog Posts on Sonship (Adoption by God)

The Gospel Shadow of Adoption: Amos’s Story

Stefan Green

I was once an orphan with no hope, no purpose, no aim, but God in his kindness . . .

These words are true for all of us who are now in Jesus by faith. Oh how easy it is to forget it, and shy away from coming to a deep understanding of what it means to be an orphan, and what it means to be adopted, to be rescued, from hopelessness.

Aaron and Jamie Ivey were given a unique perspective on what it means to be adopted by God through their two-and-a-half-year journey to... Continue Reading

God’s Pleasure in You

Tony Reinke
God’s Pleasure in You

Does God find pleasure in you?

When he looks at you, does he smile?

In short, if you’re in Christ, the answer is yes. But the answer to how and why and on what basis needs some explaining.

We can break God’s delight for the redeemed into three categories: (1) a delight in election, (2) a delight in redemption, and (3) a delight in holiness.

1. Delight in Election

First, God has expressed delight in his children in the election. Unconditionally and freely, without a hint of injustice or... Continue Reading

Adoption Is Bigger Than You Think

Dan Cruver
Adoption Is Bigger Than You Think

Adoption is greater than the universe.

So says John Piper, and as sweeping as the statement may sound, it is absolutely true. Because the eternal communion of our triune God is behind, beneath, beside, and above the universe and is the ultimate reason and cause for our adoption.

The Love Story of the Universe

The eternal story of the infinite reciprocal love that the three Persons of the Trinity share with each other sheds the light of the Son on the immense size of our... Continue Reading

The Dynamics of Faith and Receiving from God

Josh Etter
The Dynamics of Faith and Receiving from God

Jeremiah Burroughs:

All good is in God, true, but how shall we come to partake of that good? There is such a distance between you and God that, were not Christ in the middle, you would never come together.

But Christ has come between and joined you together so that all is yours because you are Christ's and Christ is God's. Think of God as the Fountain of all good, and Christ, as it were, the Cistern, and from Him are pipes converged to every believer. Faith sucks... Continue Reading

"Abba, Father" Versus a Wrathful Roar

Michael Johnson
"Abba, Father" Versus a Wrathful Roar

Luther writes about “Abba, Father” in Galatians 4:6:

The lips say nothing, but the heart says something like this: ‘Although I am oppressed with anguish and fear on every side and seem to be forsaken and utterly cast away from your presence, I am still your child, and you are my Father, and for Christ’s sake. I am loved because of the Beloved.’

In serious temptations, when the conscience is wrestling with the judgment of God, it is inclined to call God not a Father but an... Continue Reading

The Marvel of Our Adoption

Michael Johnson

Scottish theologian John Murray reflects on the Christian’s spiritual adoption:

The great truth of God’s fatherhood and of the sonship which bestows upon men is one that belongs to the application of redemption. It is true in respect of all men no more than are effectual calling, regeneration, and justification.

God becomes the Father of his own people by the act of adoption. It is the marvel of such grace that constrained the apostle John to exclaim, ‘Behold what manner of love... Continue Reading

10 Ways to Pastor Adoptive Parents and Those Considering Adoption

Jason Kovacs

There are many ways that you can express your pastoral care for those considering adoption and those who have adopted already. As an adoptive father and former pastor, I offer a few thoughts on how to help adoption become a biblically based, heart-led, missional movement in your church and not merely another program on your church’s list.

1. Develop your own heart for the fatherless.

God calls Himself a “father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5)... Continue Reading