Blog Posts on Suffering

Is My Suffering Meaningless?

Vaneetha Rendall

A few weeks ago, I met with a friend who believes that while God draws near to us in our trials, people often suffer in ways that God never intended. God reacts to our suffering but never causes it.

To her, the Calvinist view that God has ordained all our suffering is inhumane. She sees it as completely against God’s loving character — hurtful at best, and vindictive at worst.…

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Preparing for the Storms of Life

Christina Fox

Where I live it is hurricane season. And like anyone familiar with the Atlantic or Caribbean knows, it’s important to be prepared for a hurricane. Every summer we stock up on supplies of batteries, water, canned goods, and other necessities. We make sure to keep our tree limbs trimmed. We map out where we will go in the case of an evacuation.

For many who live near the coast though,…

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God Makes Our Misery the Servant of His Mercy

Jon Bloom

Naaman was Syria’s foremost general when Elisha served as God’s foremost prophet in Israel. After a Syrian raid on Israel, Naaman brought back his wife a gift: a Hebrew servant girl. When she saw that Naaman suffered from a serious leprous skin disease, the Hebrew servant girl told Naaman about Elisha and the power of Yahweh. As a result, Naaman was healed.

In this story from 2 Kings 5:1–19, God’s

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The Secret in Every Circumstance

David Mathis

Don’t be fooled by the popular locker room read on Philippians 4:13.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” — score a touchdown, hit a homerun, climb a mountain, run a marathon, win the game with a finger to the sky for the Lord. Maybe some well-meaning jock signed his name with “Phil. 4:13” in your high-school yearbook, as a little nod to Jesus, who gifted him…

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Partnering with People in Their Pain

Dave Zuleger

My sweet wife has struggled with chronic pain just about every day for almost three and a half years. As it became clear that this could be a long-term struggle for her, I was struggling myself with how to walk with her through it. There were lots of scary tests, new doctors, and frightening scenarios. And, of course, there was the pain! It was hard to adjust to this new…

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Brooklyn’s Bridge

John Knight and Stefan Green

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, from the words of my groaning? (Psalm 22:1)

Adam and Corrie Hull were given Brooklyn, an amazing little girl.

For 118 days.

She was born with a rare disease — a third 18th chromosome in every cell of her body that wouldn’t allow for a long life on this earth. That is how…

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Life’s Deepest Pains for Your Greatest Pleasure

David Mathis

This is your verse. If you believe in the God of the Bible, and you love him, all the bounty of one of his greatest promises is yours.

God’s staggering pledge of Romans 8:28 is that “all things” — not just the good, but even and especially the bad — work for your good. Life’s worst pains are for your eternal joy.

All things is a massive phrase. It’s universal,…

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Finding Joy in the Clouds

Vaneetha Rendall

A few months ago, I made a startling discovery.

In Scripture, clouds are associated with the very presence of God.

Before my surprising insight, my view of clouds had been entirely negative. I’d never liked cloudy days, especially when they were accompanied by storms. I like clear days and sunshine, blue skies and smooth sailing.

But as I was reading Exodus, I was amazed to see that clouds always brought…

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It Is Well with My Soul

Marshall Segal

God has given us a merciful gift in music authored in the midst of great tragedy. A song often has the power to express and comfort pain when words alone feel empty. Again and again, “It Is Well” has met and carried saints through the worst kinds of suffering, reminding us of the deep, abiding, sovereign Well at the bottom of our joy and life.

Recently, we recorded Jimmy Needham…

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Ten Lessons from a Hospital Bed

John Piper

Recently I spent 30 hours in the hospital. I won’t tantalize you with details, but you can tell by this blog, I’m still alive. In fact, I feel good. I received good care, a clear diagnosis, some new medication, and permission to go on with my life as usual.

Not wanting to waste this experience, I’ve been thinking about lessons learned and benefits received. Maybe, if I list some of…

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