Blog Posts on The Bible

Memorize the Mind of God

David Mathis

Maybe the breakthrough you’ve needed in Bible memory is a simple change in perspective. Forget decades from now. Throw aside the litany of daily reviews. Abandon the mentality of building the store and stocking the pile, and focus on today...

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Why We Neglect Our Bibles

Tony Reinke

We assume every Christian has a Bible that’s worn down, marked up, and paired with a journal stuffed with multi-colored spiritual reflections. But that’s often not true. John Piper addressed four common causes of Bible neglect in the Christian life.

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We Must Learn to Taste

Barry Cooper

One of life’s saddest ironies is that many who know the Bible do not know its Author. This is a grand and tragic exercise in missing the point — along the lines of a drowning person catching a flotation device, and then using it to make a hat.

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