Blog Posts on The Glory of God

Glory in the Mundane

David Mathis

God is big enough to make our most menial of tasks into something meaningful. He’s transcendent enough — and draws near enough to us — to make the mundane in our lives significant for his glory.

As a worship-leader for the Passion conferences, Christy Nockels knows what it’s like to enjoy God in the midst of a massive assembly for Jesus, and as a mother of three, she’s learning what…

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Piper and Edwards On Election (the Presidential One, I Mean)

Jon Bloom

The 57th U.S. presidential election is bearing down hard on us. Well-funded propaganda warships are shelling us from every media outlet. Dire consequences are prophesied if the wrong vision for America is elected to power.

But here’s something that you haven’t seen on any yard sign, heard in any debate, or read in any party platform:

If we do not join God in advancing his aim for the universe, then

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Meditate with Me on Isaiah 42:21

John Piper

The Lord was pleased, for his righteousness’ sake, to magnify his law and make it glorious.” (Isaiah 42:21).

  1. God’s righteousness inclines him to make his own instruction great and glorious. “For his righteousness’ sake he magnifies and glorifies his instruction.”
  2. So we learn something crucial about divine righteousness. It is the consistent and compelling inclination to do what is right, which in God’s case is defined by his…
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Consider the Glory of God

Jonathan Parnell


  • the glory of his eternality that makes the mind want to explode with the infinite thought that God never had a beginning, but simply always was;
  • the glory of his knowledge that makes the Library of Congress look like a matchbox and quantum physics like a first grade reader;
  • the glory of his wisdom that has never been and can never be counseled by men;
  • the glory of his …
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Know Your Value of Values

Jonathan Parnell

It was simple. The first bookend of my formal theological training was grounded in an easy-to-the-point-of-jolly ambition: learn as much as I can about Jesus and teach it to others. What fueled my pursuit of pastoral ministry — and all the training involved — was not what I understood about the Bible or hoped to learn, but how glorious I perceived Jesus to be, despite how much my perception of…

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How and Why God Changes People

Jonathan Parnell

Pastor John:

When Paul calls the power of Christ which changed him from great sinner to great apostle — when he calls this power "mercy," he exalts not himself but the Savior. The Christmas gift of change is always a gift, and never a wage. It can never be boasted in. It can be sought after the way a helpless, hungry man seeks food; and it can be accepted by…

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The Biggest Question in the Universe

Jonathan Parnell

In 1976 John Piper asked a two-part question:

  • What is God's goal in the history of mankind from its beginning at creation to its climax in the new heavens and new earth?
  • And how should we respond to this goal?

This is ultimate. We are in deep water. And yet the reasoning behind such a question is quite simple: in Jesus we are God's children and children want to know…

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Why Every Tribe and Language and People and Nation?

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper:

The reason God decreed that the gospel would obtain people from every tribe and people and nation is that the aim of the gospel is the glorification of his grace and this ingathering of diverse peoples into one Christ-exalting, unified people who would glorify the power and beauty of his grace more than if he had done things another way. There is a strong confirmation of this in…

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