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God: Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty

Jonathan Parnell

A special session convened in light of Rob Bell's book Love Wins. The panel, moderated by Kevin DeYoung, included D. A. Carson, Tim Keller, Crawford Loritts, and Stephen Um.

Listen to the audio of "God: Abounding in Love, Punishing the Guilty."

Carson framed the discussion giving a brief and clarifying overview on universalism:

  1. Be clear about definition of universalism, don't muddle what it is.
  2. Universalism is built out of several…

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God’s Love: Blocked, Then Accepted

John Piper

George Herbert was born on this day in 1593. He described his poems as echoes of the conflict between God and his own soul. Yes, but there is also resolution. He had been subdued by love.

Here we see the love of God blocked, and then accepted. I pray that love will triumph for you in this way.

        LOVE (III)
        by George…

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God’s Love Is the Cause and Result of Ours

John Piper

Do you believe both of these statements?

1. God loved us before we loved him, and not because we loved him.

2. God loves us in response to our love for him—because we love him.

They are both true.

Before I give you the texts to show it, the key in all such questions is to insist that you define terms and make necessary distinctions. The same words can mean…

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A Good Way to Think of the Love of Christ

Tyler Kenney

Jonathan Edwards explains how romantic love helps us understand Jesus' feelings towards the church (Miscellanies #189, spacing added):

We see how great love the human nature is capable of, not only to God but fellow creatures. How greatly are we inclined to the other sex! Nor doth an exalted and fervent love to God hinder this, but only refines and purifies it.

God has created the human nature…

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John Donne on God’s Never Despising Us

John Piper

John DonneToday in 1631 John Donne died. For those who know him at all, he is known mainly for his poetry. He was born in London in 1572. As a Roman Catholic he became disillusioned and was converted to the Anglican faith.

He took a doctor of divinity at Cambridge in 1618 and was appointed as dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in 1621. He was there till his death.…

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2 Stages of God’s Care for Us: Fettered and Freed

John Piper

In this age, God rescues his people from some harm. Not all harm. That’s comforting to know, because otherwise we might conclude from our harm that he has forgotten us or rejected us.

So be encouraged by the simple reminder that in Acts 16:19-24 Paul and Silas were not delivered, but in verses 25-26 they were.

First, no deliverance:

  • “They seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the…
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Is God's Love Unconditional?

John Piper

There is such a thing as unconditional love in God, but it’s not what most people mean by it.

  • It’s not a saving love that he has for everybody. Else everybody would be saved, since they would not have to meet any conditions, not even faith. But Jesus said everybody is not saved (Matthew 25:46).
  • It’s not the love that justifies sinners since the Bible says we are justified by…
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