Blog Posts on The Nature of the Church

Ode to the Church

David Mathis
Ode to the Church

There she stands in splendor, secure on the arm of her Father, adorned in brilliant white for her husband. The music sounds and beckons their short passage down the aisle.

Once she had been disgraced and dirty, unholy and seemingly…

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Who Is the Church?

Marshall Segal

Many are asking, “What is the church?” Pastor Jeff Vanderstelt believes we're asking the wrong question, because the Bible uses that word to describe a group of people, not a gathering or event. So we really should be asking,…

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Jesus Sings

Tony Reinke
Jesus Sings

Jesus sings.

If Scripture didn’t say it, I wouldn’t either. But it’s true. In four places in Scripture we read that Jesus, the Son of God himself, raised his voice in worship.1

Which is immediately confusing on one level.…

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