Blog Posts on The Nature of the Church

Ode to the Church

David Mathis

There she stands in splendor, secure on the arm of her Father, adorned in brilliant white for her husband. The music sounds and beckons their short passage down the aisle.

Once she had been disgraced and dirty, unholy and seemingly…

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Meet the Family of God

Trillia Newbell

There is no denying the importance of family. My husband and children are my first priority and God’s gift to me. When my husband is discouraged, it’s a privilege to come alongside him and encourage him. When my kids are…

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Jesus Sings

Tony Reinke

Jesus sings.

If Scripture didn’t say it, I wouldn’t either. But it’s true. In four places in Scripture we read that Jesus, the Son of God himself, raised his voice in worship.1

Which is immediately confusing on one level.…

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From We to Me

Tony Reinke

Americans since the 1960s are increasingly expressing themselves in terms that are individual-focused (“me”) rather than community-focused (“we”). So reports USA Today.

Such a trend may not be hard to imagine in society, but what about within the American…

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What It Means to Be a Pilgrim

Jonathan Parnell

Michael Horton writes,

There is a significant origin and end point to history, within which we ourselves are cast members. It is a courtroom drama in which we are either false or true witnesses, “in Adam” or “in Christ,” justified…

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