Blog Posts on The Sovereignty of God

How Do We Rest in the Face of Horrible Calamity?

John Piper

What happens to our emotions if we really believe in the sovereign wisdom and goodness of God in horrible persecution?

This question rises for me for two reasons.

One is because of God’s will for our emotions revealed in the Bible, and the other is what I see happening in the hearts of God’s people today. They are not always the same. One of my aims is to help today’s…

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A Theater Called Holy Week

Tony Reinke

How did C. S. Lewis bungle The Chronicles of Narnia?

For some critics, a major flaw is the way he interrupts the flow of the story by butting into the story as the narrator. You may remember it is Lewis who tells us (twice!) that no sensible person ever shut oneself up in a wardrobe. It’s a simple line, but Lewis breaks into the story to speak a direct lesson…

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Young, Restless, and Reformed — Five Years Later

Tony Reinke

Five years ago this month journalist Collin Hansen published his first book: Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists (Crossway, 2008). True to its title, the book is a travelogue of Collin’s journey across the country documenting a surging movement called New Calvinism by some, and Young, Restless and Reformed (YRR) by others, a title he coined himself. Collin’s hunches about the new movement were confirmed in…

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9 Reasons You Can Face Anything

Jonathan Parnell

God’s sovereignty is a precious reality.

Now chances are this truth didn’t seem too precious when it first confronted you. The natural, fallen response to hearing we aren’t the ones in control is to white-knuckle our will and refuse to bow. Humans tend to like the idea that we are the captains of our own destinies. Motivational glib like that will pack out self-help seminars. But sooner or later, and…

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Presidential Inaugurations and the Providence of God

Tyler Kenney

At his second inauguration, Abraham Lincoln stood before a nation in civil war, deeply divided over great moral and political issues.

Citizens of both North and South feared God and thought they were in the right, but God had not yet given victory to either side. Rather, the war raged on at great cost to both.

What would Lincoln say to this polarized nation in the midst of such sorrow,…

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So Where Was God?

Joe Rigney

The question is always the same. Where was God?

After the initial shock and horror subsides, after the news crews go home, we’re always left with the same question: So where was he?

Did he know ahead of time what was going to happen one week ago today? Was he aware of the shooter’s plans? Does he have foreknowledge, foresight, the ability to peer into what for us is the…

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A Coptic Committee, a Blindfolded Boy, and the Hand of God

John Piper

Ramez Atallah, the General Director of The Bible Society of Egypt, has given me permission to share this letter. It is at once educational, inspirational, and a call for prayer for the Coptic Church of Egypt.

On Sunday November 4th, I attended the extremely moving ceremony where the new Patriarch (Pope) of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt was chosen. The Nominating Committee had narrowed the candidates from 17 names down to…

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What I Am Doing You Do Not Understand Now

Jon Bloom

Peter watched Jesus make his way toward him, washing the feet of other disciples.

It had already been a confusing Passover. Jesus had been unusually burdened, close to tears all day. The atmosphere during the meal was charged with ominous anticipation.

Peter had grown used to Jesus doing and saying unpredictable things. But what Jesus was doing now was wrong. He was the last person in the room who should…

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Why Was Jesus Unintimidated by Pilate?

John Piper

Ponder with me the lesson of Pilate’s authority over Jesus.

Pilate said to Jesus, “You will not speak to me? Do you not know that I have authority to release you and authority to crucify you?” Jesus answered him, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above.” (John 19:10–11)

Pilate's authority to crucify Jesus did not intimidate Jesus.

Why not?


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20 Quotes from Killing Calvinism

Tony Reinke

What follows is a collection of 20 quotes that caught my attention as I read Greg Dutcher’s new book Killing Calvinism: How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside (Cruciform Press, June, 2012):

“I am concerned that many Calvinists today do little more than celebrate how wonderfully clear their theological windshield is. But like a windshield, Reformed theology is not an end in itself. It is…

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