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I Do Not Aspire to Be a “Regular Guy”

John Piper

When my soul is hungry for deep help from God; when I am blank before the word of God, and ache for someone to show me the greatness and glory of Christ; when I feel a longing for heaven, and desire a soul-brother who shares this passion; when I am full of fresh fruit from God’s word, and yearn for a fellow lover of Scripture, I do not look for…

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The Cool God Is a Puny God

Jon Bloom

Americans, and most Westerners, live in cultures governed by the god called “Cool.”

Cool doesn’t have a temple we can see or visit, but his images and shrines are everywhere. Cool is a god that we actually invite to take up residence in the unholy of unholies of our fallen nature’s heart-temple. Once there, it entwines itself with our narcissistic selves, becoming part of our desired identity, the self-image we…

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Before the Children Are Gone

Jon Bloom

Time is our most precious earthly asset because all other earthly assets are governed by it. We can’t really save time. We can only spend it. So we try to manage it.

But that’s very hard. Never in history have human beings had so many options for spending time. And there’s no way to manage time well enough to spend it on all the things we want to do, nor…

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This May Push You over the Edge

Jon Bloom

Most of us read, see, or hear thousands of messages during the course of our lives. But only a few strike us with such force that we remember them distinctly. These messages uniquely shape us. They haunt us. We can’t shake them. We go back to them over and over.

I heard of those messages in March 2001, when John Piper spoke at John MacArthur’s Shepherds’ Conference. I’ve listened to…

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The Treasure Makes All the Difference

Jon Bloom

One of Jesus’s most powerful parables is also one of his shortest:

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field (Matthew 13:44).

Fifteen minutes before this man’s discovery in the field, the thought of selling all that he owned to buy it wouldn’t…

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The Question

Jonathan Parnell

Every Christian does the work of ministry. Whether great or small, experienced or new, vocational or not — every Christian has some kind of ministry given them from God.

We all have a calling on our lives, in varying capacities, to bear witness to Jesus’s grace and follow his example in the service of others (John 13:15). Some are unsure about the specifics; others know it without doubt. Some are…

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The Joy of Getting Unstuck

Brandon Smith

I’m busy.

Like you, I’ve got a hundred things going on between family and church and work and all the in between. Let me be the first to say that all of these things are absolute gifts from God. He has been amazingly kind to me and I’m genuinely thankful.

But I get tired.

Plain and simple, sometimes I just get tired. In the fast-paced world we live in, I…

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You Will Never Be the Same

Owen Strachan

Most evangelicals these days just want a gospel Snuggie. Wrap us up. Hold us tight. Numb us until we can feel nothing but hazy contentment. Go to sleep with a big smile on our face. We’re halfway into a dream when—

Someone is gripping our shoulder. He’s wrestling us awake. Our head hurts. Who is this crazy guy? A blurry man comes into focus. It’s Jesus. And — uh oh…

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