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Read This If You Want to Burn

Jon Bloom

Some things you read are invigorating and expansive for your imagination. Some things you read give you penetrating insight into dealing with complex issues. Some things you read hit the sweet spot of your interests and you’re lost in them for hours. Some awake your wonder or make you weep or laugh your head off. Some simply bore you to tears.

But a few things you read light you on…

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An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus (Free eBook)

Tony Reinke

Thousands of college students wait silently in a dark auditorium as you make your way to the podium, under the spotlight. What will you say? What will you offer them?

When he climbs the stage at Passion2014 in Atlanta this weekend, John Piper will face this moment again.

Marking the eighteenth year of his involvement in the conference, this event has inspired some of Piper’s most memorable messages. It was…

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