Reading as A Lifetime Vocation

Tony Reinke

Fresh into his new post at Bethel College in the fall of 1974, Professor John wrote an article to explain the lifelong value of solid reading habits. Teach a man to fish and he can learn from the ancient fishermen. The piece itself is not long, and you can read the whole thing here.

Here are a few noteworthy quotes:

  • “I have said a number of times that all…
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Update on John Piper’s Transition

David Mathis

Update 4/24: My Future at Desiring God.

Bethlehem Baptist is one step closer to commissioning John Piper from the local church pastorate to greater involvement with Bethlehem College and Seminary and to a wider ministry nationally and internationally through Desiring God.

The Bethlehem elders are announcing to the congregation their candidate for Associate Pastor for Preaching and Vision and, God willing, John Piper's eventual successor as the church's senior…

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Keeping Home Priorities In View

Tony Reinke

Bible scholar Don Carson cautions us about parental hypocrisy by recalling the enduring impact of his parents’ prayerful example:

My father was a church planter in Québec, in the difficult years when there was strong opposition, some of it brutal. Baptist ministers alone spent a total of eight years in jail between 1950 and 1952. Dad’s congregations were not large; they were usually at the lower end of the two-digit…

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Our Tears Are Being Undone

Tony Reinke

Tears sum up everything gone wrong in this fallen world. Grief, frustration, pain, disappointment, loss, stress, tragedy, disaster, regret, mourning, depression, lament, brokenness, abandonment — all of it can be expressed through the universal language of tears.

We need no interpreter to read this language: the wet, bloodshot eyes, the sobs, the facial contortions, the sporadic breathing, the body tremors, the broken speech. We are instantly struck by the tearful…

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Dum Dums

Christine Hoover

My bank teller must be a dad.

Every time I go to the bank, he gives my children the exact same colored lollipops. I’ve never asked him to do this, but, without fail, he digs through the lollipop basket until he finds a matching set of Dum Dum lollipops.

He must be a dad because he knows about the fight he is saving me. The one where each of my…

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Bonhoeffer on Abortion

John Piper

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is claimed as a patron saint by theological schools, ranging from God is Dead to evangelical conservatives. Eric Metaxas sees his biography as one step in the rescue of Bonhoeffer from the most bizarre misuses of his thinking.

Along the way he points out, for example, Bonhoeffer’s clear and strong views on abortion. They are decisive on the immorality of it, and pastorally compassionate toward the persons in…

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March Madness, Athletic Achievement, and Christians in Competitive Sports

Matt Reagan

Are athletic achievement and fierce competition sheer madness for the Christian?

It’s a question essential not just for the celebrated Tim Tebows and Jeremy Lins, but also to a handful of unknown Christians playing in this weekend’s NCAA Tourney, and thousands (if not millions) of Christians worldwide engaged in highly skilled and highly competitive athletics.

Achievement and competition are two related, but distinct, topics for the Christian. What follows is…

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Whom Are You Really Serving?

Jon Bloom

When Martha welcomed Jesus and his contingent into her home in Bethany (Luke 10:38–42) there could have been a hundred or more people. The seventy-two had just rejoined Jesus after their itinerant ministry tours. And considering his fame at this point, no doubt his visit attracted a number of locals.

And when the group had packed inside, Jesus taught them. But Martha wasn’t one of “them” because she was too…

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