Racial Slavery and Abortion in America: How History Repeats Itself

Brent Aucoin

One reason I became a historian is because I became convinced that knowledge of the past can help and guide us in the present. While history may not always repeat itself, it is accurate to say that there is nothing new under the sun.

I am reminded of these things as we mark the 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. What I am reminded of exactly is that the legalization of abortion is not the first time that America has denied the... Continue Reading

How to Approach the Bible

Jonathan Parnell

The Bible comes from God; God doesn't come from the Bible.

Our knowledge of God is a different story. What we know about God, definitively and redemptively, comes from the Bible. And that is, the Bible that comes from God, who himself comes from nothing.

These are the foundational pieces to understanding the doctrine of revelation, and therefore, the doctrine of Scripture. God, utterly independent and essentially revelatory, has made himself known. This is stunning. And it helps... Continue Reading

For Men: What the Life of Augustine Teaches Us

Jonathan Parnell

At the recent Campus Outreach National Conference, speaking to a gathering of men, John Piper tells the story of the life of Augustine — bishop of Hippo in the fifth century.

This talk gives a hope-giving example of how we fight sin by a sovereign joy that masters us and severs the root of all competing, controlling pleasures.

Darrin Patrick on Biblical Complementarity

Jonathan Parnell

The latest Theology Refresh features a 12-minute dicussion on biblical complementarity with Darrin Patrick, speaker at our upcoming Conference for Pastors.

It's important to remember that there is more than one danger in this issue. We can miss it on the left, becoming egalitarian. And we can miss it on the right, not calling men to sacrificial leadership.

There's a new dynamic in what it means to be a man: love your wives as Christ loved the church (Ephesians... Continue Reading

A Plea to Not Grow Weary

John Knight

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9)

January 22 makes the 39th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court ruling that overturned every state law governing abortion in America.

39 years is a long time.

Yet that horrible decision effected one positive move: Bible-believing churches got off the sidelines. Today, it would be hard to find any American who is uncertatin about the Evangelical stance on abortion:... Continue Reading

Know Your Value of Values

Jonathan Parnell

It was simple. The first bookend of my formal theological training was grounded in an easy-to-the-point-of-jolly ambition: learn as much as I can about Jesus and teach it to others. What fueled my pursuit of pastoral ministry — and all the training involved — was not what I understood about the Bible or hoped to learn, but how glorious I perceived Jesus to be, despite how much my perception of that glory was green and raw and English (KJV to be exact).

Desperate for That Same... Continue Reading

Seminary: Life or Death?

David Mathis
Seminary: Life or Death?

Seminary is dangerous. Yes, the fragrance is to life for many. But for others — far too many others — the aroma is to death.

Names changed to protect the guilty, Don Carson tells the story of an “Ernest Christian” in the introduction to his infamous Exegetical Fallacies. Ernest was converted as a senior in high school, grew in leaps and bounds through a campus ministry while in college, sensed a call to full-time ministry, was affirmed by his local congregation, and “headed off to... Continue Reading

Download Bloodlines for Free

John Piper
Download Bloodlines for Free

Bloodlines is one of the most autobiographical books I have written. It tells my story from racism to the path of redemption. I preached on the theme of Bloodlines yesterday to mark Martin Luther King weekend. The title of the message was “From Bloodlines to Bloodline.” I argued that God is calling his people to move from the alienation of many bloodlines to the reconciliation of the single bloodline that began on the cross of Christ.

I urged my people to read the book. Not... Continue Reading

Martin Luther King's "Letters from Birmingham Jail"

Jonathan Parnell

The Introduction to John Piper's Bloodlines is titled :

Martin Luther King Jr.
What Was It Like for Those Who Weren't There?

Piper writes,

Martin Luther King called for freedoms and rights and justice that were long overdue. And he did it with an appeal to historic Christian vision, with amazing rhetorical skill, without condoning violence, and with unprecedented and lasting success. That's why there is a holiday in his honor. One of his writings in particular... Continue Reading