Do You Dread a False Deity?

Jonathan Parnell

Samuel Bourn:

All true fear of the Supreme Being can only spring from a right knowledge of him. And it consists, first and fundamentally, in conceiving and believing him to be what he is, most powerful indeed, but at the same time, most wise, just, and benevolent. . . .

The character and title most certainly ascribed by our Savior and his Apostles to the Supreme being is The Father: the appellation [or name] by which we are taught to address him, [is] Our Father in heaven. . . .... Continue Reading

Hope as the Motivation of Love

Jonathan Parnell

If you want to understand the message of 1 Peter,
or how hope in God's grace affects our command to love,
or if you just want to see a lucid example of careful exegetical method. . .

let me commend to you John Piper's 1980 article for Cambridge's New Testament Studies: "Hope as the Motivation of Love: 1 Peter 3:9–12."

A new web version has just been added to our Resource Library, full of the original British –ours, German lines, Greek inserts, and 72 footnotes (now... Continue Reading

More Than Enough

Jon Bloom

Will Jesus provide for you? Are you struggling to believe it, because when you do the math it doesn’t add up? You’re in good company. Philip and Andrew had witnessed astounding miracles by Jesus, but when it came to feeding 5,000 people1 the math added up to impossible.

Imagine a conversation between Philip and Andrew as they are gathering up the leftovers.


Philip set his basket load of bread fragments down on the grass. He straightened his tired back and scanned the huge crowd of... Continue Reading

Psalm 2 and World Evangelization

Johnathon Bowers

I’d like us to consider Psalm 2 from three perspectives. First, we’ll examine the message of the psalm. Second, we’ll look at how the New Testament uses it. Finally, we’ll ask how this psalm speaks to the task of world evangelization.

The Message of Psalm 2

Psalm 2 begins with a question: “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?” (verse 1). Verses 2–3 specify this futility: the kings of the earth reject Messiah’s right to rule. In response, God gives the nations... Continue Reading

Specifically, Who Were the Puritans? What Were Their Names?

John Piper
Specifically, Who Were the Puritans? What Were Their Names?

You may have heard people vilify or extol the Puritans. J. I. Packer is among those who extol. Indeed, he thinks that this century of pastors was the greatest the church has ever known.

Some of us have found our souls richly fed by these 350-year old pastors. When we have needed spiritual food, we have found ourselves grazing in the Bible-saturated, heart-searching seventeenth century Puritans.

If you have ever wondered just who they were, here is... Continue Reading

A Tool to Help You Live

Jonathan Parnell

"By the work of the Holy Spirit, God defeats temptation by awakening joy through belief in the word of God which is at work in us. And that word is most centrally the good news that Christ died for us so that all the promises of God are Yes in him."

This is how we live.

Pastor John's acronym A.P.T.A.T is a device that may help:

This excerpt starts at the 29:28 mark of this week's sermon.