How Is Future Grace Being Revised?

John Piper

I am in the midst of revising Future Grace for a new edition this fall. For the few of you who have read the book and stumbled over some ambiguities, I hope to bring new precision and clarity.

One area for clarification is what I meant by saying “Faith is primarily future oriented” (13). I’m changing the word “primarily.” I’m going to use “profound and pervasive” and then explain. All that follows is an exerpt:

Faith has a profound and…

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Those Children Have Names

John Knight

The argument isn't my primary concern. Articles like "After-birth abortion: why should the baby live" are more treacherous for the outcome of their argument than the argument itself, as silly as it is. Ideas really do have consequences.

When I read academicians pontificate from their ivory towers I think about children with names. Children like Paul and Andrew and Michael and Kristina and Mia. Real children. 

And I remember the Apostle Paul’s admonition to the church:

The eye…

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Sexual Sin in the Ministry

Harry Schaumburg

For the last twenty years thousands of men from across America struggling with sexual sin have come to our intensive counseling workshop. Over half were pastors and missionaries.

I wish our experience was unique.

Several years ago a seminary professor told me: “We no longer ask our entering students if they are struggling with pornography, we assume every student is struggling. The question we ask: ‘How serious is the struggle?’”

One missions agency told me that 80% of their…

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Fierce Tornadoes and the Fingers of God

John Piper

Why would God reach down his hand and drag his fierce fingers across rural America killing at least 38 people with 90 tornadoes in 12 states, and leaving some small towns with scarcely a building standing, including churches?

If God has a quarrel with America, wouldn’t Washington, D.C., or Las Vegas, or Minneapolis, or Hollywood be a more likely place to show his displeasure?

We do not ascribe such independent power to Mother Nature or to the devil. God alone…

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Tell Your Children What Hitler Did

John Piper

While  John Knight ( stands on the wall and warns the world of murder by other names, let Eric Metaxas do the same with the story of Hitler’s slaughter of the weak.

“As early as 1929 [Hitler] had publicly proposed that 700,000 of the ‘weakest’ Germans be ‘removed’ per year.” It seemed ridiculously implausible — even as “after-birth abortion” (infanticide) does in America today.

But ideas have consequences. Nietzsche was the John the Baptist of this Aryan…

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I Exist to...

Tony Reinke

...what? What drives you?

John Piper says, "I exist to to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ." This is the mission of John Piper, the mission of Desiring God, and it's a statement Pastor John unpacked in less than three minutes at the recent Conference for Pastors.

Watch the entire video from the recent Conference for Pastors.

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Don’t Focus on Your Strengths

Jon Bloom

The Lord is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation (Exodus 15:2).

For the past decade or so, discovering our strengths has been the buzz in North America, particularly in leadership and management circles. Lots of books have been published and numerous tests developed to help us identify our strengths.

The closest biblical parallels are texts like Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:28, Romans 12:6–8, and others where we are given lists of gifts “that differ according…

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How Should We Think About Self-Worth?

Jonathan Parnell

What is self-worth? And whatever it is, do you have the right kind?

Back in 1976, during his college teaching ministry, John Piper was interviewed about the then burgeoning talk of self-esteem. Responding to nine questions, he gives a biblical assessment of what it means to be human and have value.

Read the entire interview.


For a preview, here are the questions with short excerpts of Pastor John's response:

  1. What does the term “self worth” mean to you?
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The Trinity in Two Minutes

Tony Reinke

In this brief video clip from the recent Conference for Pastors, John Piper explains Jonathan Edwards's vision of the Trinity; the intense, pure, delight and love flowing between the Father and the Son, "an energy of joy that makes atom bombs look like firecrackers."

[Esprit de corps = the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm.]

For more, see:

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Our Children Are Spring-Loaded for Worship

Tony Reinke

Tedd Tripp:

If the goal of parenting is no more profound than securing appropriate behavior, we will never help our children understand the internal things, the heart issues, that push and pull behavior. Those internal issues: self-love, rebellion, anger, bitterness, envy, and pride of the heart show our children how profoundly they need grace. If the problem with children is deeper than inappropriate behavior, if the problem is the overflow of the heart, then the need for grace is established.…

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