Pray and Ponder Yourself into Sync with Paul’s Sense of Wealth

John Piper

When the apostle Paul thinks about “wealth” or “riches” what springs to his mind? What should spring to ours? Where should our efforts at enrichment be invested?

Here are all the uses of Paul’s favorite word for “riches” (ploutos). Taste and see what he lives for.

  • The riches of God’s kindness and forbearance and patience. (Romans 2:4)
  • The riches of God’s glory for vessels of mercy.…
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A Conversation with Doug Wilson and John Piper

Tony Reinke

The recent Conference for Pastors concluded with this two-hour-long conversation between John Piper and Douglas Wilson, moderated by Joe Rigney. Download the audio and video.

Time-markers —

0:01:06 — Unpacking the meaning behind the individual mission statements.

0:07:09 — The differences in how those mission statements are framed.

0:10:48 — Unpacking, comparing, and contrasting two sub-themes: "Don't waste your life" (Piper) and "Living out the good life one family…

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Where There's a Praying Mother, There's Always Hope

Tony Reinke

Mark 7:26,

". . . Now the woman was a Gentile, a Syrophoenician by birth. And she begged him to cast the demon out of her daughter."

J. C. Ryle comments,

The woman who came to our Lord, in the history now before us, must doubtless have been in deep affliction. She saw a beloved child possessed by an unclean spirit. She saw her in a condition in which no…

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No, We're Not God

John Knight

When the Journal of Medical Ethics released the article, “What makes killing wrong?” in January, they set off a mini-storm of outrage and controversy.  The authors, from Duke University and the National Institutes of Health, asserted that ‘universally and irreversibly disabled people’ could be killed for the sake of retrieving their organs for people who are not totally disabled.

On the whole, the issue raised is when it…

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Ramez Atallah on Pastoring with Vision, Creativity, and Courage

Jonathan Parnell

Ramez Atallah, general secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt, spoke at the 2012 Conference for Pastors on ministering with vision, creativity, and courage. Download the audio and video.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Obligated, eager and not ashamed — these should characterize a church with the gospel."
  • "When I came to understand the gospel for the first time, I knew that this is what my peopled needed."
  • "A Christian leader has…
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What Does It Mean to Be a Pilgrim?

Jonathan Parnell

The gospel turns people into pilgrims. It comes with a culture-correcting force that creates aliens and exiles of the world.

Drawing from a 1733 Jonathan Edwards sermon, John Piper offers seven descriptions of what this looks like:

  1. Pilgrims are not diverted from their aim.
  2. Pilgrims are to hold the things of this world loosely.
  3. Pilgrims become like what they hope to attain.
  4. Pilgrims will not be satisfied with anything less…
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Love That Jesus Calls the Weak

Jonathan Parnell

I want to be like Jonathan Edwards, don’t you? The guy was amazing. He was a polymath, an incomparable scholar, “probably the greatest America mind ever” (as they say). Writing a treatise on spiders was like a few rounds of Angry Birds to him. He was the pastor-theologian. A school president. A missionary to unreached peoples. A leader in a movement that changed America. He was a giant.

Paul Talks

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Darrin Patrick on Being and Building Men

Jonathan Parnell

Darrin Patrick's message at the 2012 Conference for Pastors was on being and building men in the local church. He expounded Galatians 5 and walked through the on-the-ground work of killing sin and living in the Spirit. Download the audio and video.

Memorable Quotes

  • "When you become a leader of men, you plug your life into an ampiflier and everyone hears it."
  • "You don't obey for your acceptance, you…
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Crawford Loritts on Lessons Learned from His Father

Jonathan Parnell

Crawford Loritts' message included practical insight and a short exposition of Galatians 5 on what it means to live and walk by the Spirit. Download the audio and video.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Manhood is not a private matter. It is a public thing. A man aspires to be the desired destination at which others arrive."
  • "This summarizes my dad: Stepping up, never walking away, if it belongs to you, you…
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Doug Wilson on Leading in the Home

Jonathan Parnell

Doug Wilson's first message at the 2012 Conference for Pastors was about the role of fathers in leading the home. Download the audio and video.

He noted six things to learn about fatherhood in the baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:16–17),

  1. When Jesus was baptized, his father was there.
  2. The Father made his presence felt.
  3. The Father made his presence known by speaking.
  4. The Father's statement identified with his son.
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