Doug Wilson on Leading in the Home

Jonathan Parnell

Doug Wilson's first message at the 2012 Conference for Pastors was about the role of fathers in leading the home. Download the audio and video.

He noted six things to learn about fatherhood in the baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:16–17),

  1. When Jesus was baptized, his father was there.
  2. The Father made his presence felt.
  3. The Father made his presence known by speaking.
  4. The Father's statement identified with his son.
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Jesus Chooses and Uses Failures

Jon Bloom

“Simon, son of John, do you love me?”

Peter was grieved. Sitting on the beach after breakfast, Jesus had just asked him for the third time if he loved him. Peter had already wholeheartedly answered yes twice. What else was he supposed to say?

With these questions, the Lord was putting his finger on a very tender wound in Peter’s heart. Peter’s failure on the night of Jesus’ trial had…

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Psalm 119: The Life-Giving Power of the Word

Jason Meyer

Psalm 119:25,

My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!

Have you ever felt something of a schizophrenic relationship to the Bible? At times our hearts are alive to the word of God, while at other times our hearts feel dull and almost dead. This is not merely a frustrating dynamic; it is a fearful condition.

But we find a kindred spirit in a surprising…

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When God Speaks to Us

Jonathan Parnell

The Bible is clear. While we can't exhaustively comprehend it all, the divine authorial intention communicated through the human authors is suffuciently clear for all purposes of salvation (WCF 1.7).

But why is Scripture clear? Here's one of the most basic and solid arguments:

John Frame writes,

Since Scripture is God’s word, it is his communication to us. In Scripture, God speaks, not primarily to himself or to the angels,…

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Similarities and Distinct Emphases of John Piper and Doug Wilson

Jonathan Parnell

Joe Rigney, Instructor of Theology and Christian Worldview at Bethlehem College and Seminary, has assembled a list of resources from John Piper and Doug Wilson that characterize their similarities, influences, and distinct emphases.

C. S. Lewis

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Pastoring with Vision, Creativity, and Courage: Quotes from Ramez Atallah

Jonathan Parnell

Session 6, Ramez Atallah on "Pastoring with Vision, Creativity, and Courage in Hard Places" —

  • "Obligated, eager and not ashamed. These should characterize a church with the gospel."
  • "A Christian leader has to have a vision — he must see things other people don't see and empower them to capture it and incarnate it."
  • "When I came to understand the gospel for the first time, I knew that this was…
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Leading the Church: Quotes from Doug Wilson

Jonathan Parnell

Session 5, Doug Wilson on "Father Hunger" in Leading the Church —

  • "Remember the good newsness of the gospel. The gospel is outside of us. It is for us, but is external to us."
  • "We must always remember the gospel because we are tempted to forget the gospel in throughout the busyness of ministry."
  • "We are privilege to carry around our sin the same way David carried Goliath's head."
  • "The…
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Being and Building Men for the Local Mission: Quotes from Darrin Patrick

Jonathan Parnell

Session 3, Darrin Patrick on "Being and Building Men for the Local Mission" —

  • "When you become a leader of men, you plug your life into an ampiflier and everyone hears it."
  • "There's nothing more destructive for people who are trying to know God than legalism."
  • "You don't obey for your acceptance, you obey from your acceptance."
  • "You don't measure your maturity by comparing yourself with others. You judge maturity…
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Lessons Learned from His Father: Quotes from Crawford Loritts

Jonathan Parnell

Session 2, Crawford Loritts on "Lessons Learned from His Father" —

  • "Greatness is not pop or fad. Greatness has a staying power."
  • "Manhood is not a private matter. It is a public thing. A man aspires to be the desired destination at which others arrive."
  • "This summarizes my dad: Stepping up, never walking away, if it belongs to you, you do something with it."
  • "There is a correlation between being…
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