Russell Moore on the Person of Christ

Jonathan Parnell

The newest episode of Theology Refresh features a discussion with Russell Moore on the person of Christ.

The doctrine of the person of Jesus — fully God, fully man, one person with two natures — has everything to do with how we live.

In this 14-minute audio Moore encourages pastors that Jesus is with us, that he really does shoulder with us everything it means to be human.

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Planning for Spiritual Necessities in 2012

Josh Etter

Pastor John:

All of us know this and practice it in relation to the basic physical necessities of life. We take steps to see that we have enough to eat and clothes to keep us warm. But do we take our spiritual needs that seriously? Do we apply the same earnestness in planning to maximize our ministry as we do in planning to make a living?

What I would like…

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A System for Praying in 2012

Jonathan Parnell

The New Year is a great time to reconfigure the way we do things. And it can be a bit overwhelming.

Diet, exercise, memorization habits, reading lists, time management — all this is good. But perhaps the best place to start — and the foundation to all the rest — is the primary means of grace in the Christian life, the Word and prayer.

For the Word, Justin Taylor has…

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A Comforting Message for the Closing Year

Jonathan Parnell

Charles Spurgeon:

But here is the joy, here is the peace of Christians, that our salvation is a finished one! We have not a farthing to pay to complete the ransom of our souls. We have not a stitch to set to finish the robe of our salvation. We have not an act to perform, a prayer to offer, a tear to weep, a thought to think in order to…

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A Word for Those Who Have Forsaken Jesus

John Piper

How eager Jesus was to restore broken fellowship with his apostles after the resurrection! Surely this is a sign of how eager he is to restore us when we have drifted (or bolted) away.

All the apostles had forsaken him. In the garden, at his most sorrowful hour, "They all left him and fled” (Mark 14:50).

Now he was raised. What would he say to those who had abandoned him?…

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The KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan

Jonathan Parnell

The KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan is another option to consider as you think about reading through the Bible in 2012. Compiled by Bethlehem professor Jason DeRouchie, this plan offers five distinctives:

  1. Proportionate weight is given to the Old and New Testaments in view of their relative length, the Old receiving three readings per day and the New getting one reading per day.
  2. The Old Testament readings follow the arrangement of…
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A Year-End Prayer for Weary Waiters

Jon Bloom

“But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son” (Galatians 4:4).

Jesus, you came in "the fullness of time."

But how many of your children living during the ripening years wondered at your tarrying? A thousand years stretched between Abraham and David. Then another thousand passed between David’s golden age and the moment when time was full.

How many were the wars, rumors of wars, slaughters,…

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The Deeper Strength of Masculinity

Jonathan Parnell

Have we overreacted to the man deficiency of our day?

Everyone, church or culture, can vouch for the absence of men and the adultolescense phenomenon. And yet, this masculinity anemia can force an unhealthy perception of what manhood is.

In this three-minute video, Darrin Patrick talks about the need to move beyond mere "physical engagement equals manliness" to emotional strength and spiritual fortitude:

Darrin's topic at the 2012 Conference…

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