10 Steps to Stay Alive to the Beauty of God's World

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper read G. K. Chesterton at the advice of Clyde Kilby, one of his professors of English Literature at Wheaton College back in the day. And this book recommendation from Kilby didn't come in a vacuum. Piper writes about how Kilby himself was amazed at the world, and that, with a pastoral heart and a poet's eye, he influenced his students to really believe Psalm 19:1, "The heavens declare…

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What Do We Do With Our Slavery-Affirming Theological Heroes?

Trevin Wax

When I read the works of men like James P. Boyce and Jonathan Edwards, I am amazed at the depth of their biblical knowledge and the keenness of their personal application. At the same time, I am astounded that these theological giants could justify the owning of slaves, support slavery as a system, and conform to the racial prejudice common in their day.

John Piper is right: “One of the…

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The United States Eugenics Movement: Outrage and What We Can Learn

John Knight

Every January we rightly turn our attention to Roe v. Wade — the poorly argued Supreme Court decision that was driven by ideology rather than by actual case law.

It was not the first unjustly decided case that impacted tens of thousands of vulnerable lives.

In the early decades of the 20th century in the United States, there were deeply held prejudices against the three types of people: the poor,…

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When Mere Life Is Interesting Enough

Jonathan Parnell

G. K. Chesterton:

When we are very young children we don't need fairy tales: we only need tales. Mere life is interesting enough.

A child of seven is excited by being told that Tommy opened a door and saw a dragon. But a child of three is exicted by being told that Tommy opened a door.

Boys like romantic tales; but babies like realistic tales — because they find them…

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Christian Hedonist Calvinism

John Piper

What would the doctrines of grace sound like if every limb in that tree were coursing with the sap of Augustinian delight. (that is, Christian Hedonism)?

  • Total depravity is not just badness, but blindness to God’s beauty and deadness to the deepest joy.
  • Unconditional election means that the completeness of our joy in Jesus was planned for us before we ever existed as the overflow of God’s joy in the…
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God Is Doing More Than We Can See

Jonathan Parnell

Caiaphas schemed against Jesus (John 11:49–53). It was horrible. It was injustice.

And yet, the whole thing was God's loving set of events he planned for good. God was up to something bigger. It was for the salvation of you and me.

John Piper recently led a short devotional on this theme with the friends and staff of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, NC.

Stream or download the …

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The Sovereign God of “Elfland” (Why Chesterton’s Anti-Calvinism Doesn’t Put Me Off)

John Piper

Ever since my days at Wheaton College, when I followed Clyde Kilby’s advice to read G. K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, it has been one of my favorite books. I think it’s the only book I have read more than twice (except for the Bible).

This is strange. Not only was Chesterton a Roman Catholic, he also hated Calvinism. So what’s up with me and Orthodoxy? I still think at…

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Fear, Risk, and the Church's Mission

Jonathan Parnell

Seth Godin:

Fitzgerald nailed it when he described Jay Gatsby’s attitude: “What would be the use of doing great things if I could have a better time telling her what I was going to do?” It’s easy to fall so in love with the idea of starting that we never actually start. (Poke the Box75)

One of Godin’s goals in this little book is to expose the…

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The Pastor's Role in World Evangelization

Jonathan Parnell

Pastor John:

What then should a pastor do to promote a passion among his people to see God glorified by the in-gathering of his sheep from the thousands of unreached people groups around the world?

My answer: above everything else, be the kind of person and the kind of preacher whose theme and passion is the majesty of God. . . .

The most important thing I think pastors can…

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Russell Moore on the Person of Christ

Jonathan Parnell

The newest episode of Theology Refresh features a discussion with Russell Moore on the person of Christ.

The doctrine of the person of Jesus — fully God, fully man, one person with two natures — has everything to do with how we live.

In this 14-minute audio Moore encourages pastors that Jesus is with us, that he really does shoulder with us everything it means to be human.

Stream or…

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