Paul Miller on the Doctrine of Prayer

Jonathan Parnell

Lloyd-Jones writes,

Prayer should be going on throughout the day. Prayer need not of necessity be long; it can be brief, just an ejaculation at times is a true prayer. That is, surely. what the Apostle Paul means in his exhortation in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. "Pray without ceasing." . . . As you are walking along a road, or while you are working in your study, you turn frequently to God in prayer. (Preaching and Preachers, 170).

Paul Miller would agree: "We pray not out of... Continue Reading

Stories Are Soul Food: Don't Let Your Children Hunger

N. D. Wilson

My children have heard a lot of stories. Some have been made up on the fly (The Wilson Kid Adventures), some have involved hobbits, some apostles, some dwarves, and some have involved men caught up in horrible wars (their great grandfathers). My kids have heard stories about B-17 squadrons, and destroyers hitting mines, and their great grandmother’s dear friend, Corrie Ten Boom. They have heard stories about boys and about girls, about men and about women... Continue Reading

One of My Teachers Has Died

John Piper
One of My Teachers Has Died

Arthur Holmes was one of two philosophy teachers (the other was Stuart Hackett) who had a significant influence in shaping my mind at Wheaton College. I thank God for him.

I wrote in The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor,

In one sense my college and seminary days relate to each other as form and substance. The college days solidified passions and habits of mind. The seminary days defined what the focus of those habits would be, namely God and his word and his people.... Continue Reading

Thank you, Brazil!

John Piper

This is a photoblog to say thank you publicly to some of the friends we made in Brazil last week. October 3-9 Noël and I, with Bob and Gayle Glenn and Bill and Cindi Walsh, flew to Sao Paulo. Over those seven days there were three different conferences, the Fiel Conference, the conference at Mackenzie University, and the rally in Rio de Janerio.

Thank you, Brazil, for embracing us in your friendship, and making us a partner in your ministry.

Thank you to Rick Denham and the whole team at... Continue Reading

I Want to Be More Like My Disabled Son

John Knight
I Want to Be More Like My Disabled Son

Several months ago my son badly bruised his heel while having a seizure. As he walked around the house before school, it was a pattern of grimace, smile, grimace, smile, grimace, smile, grimace, smile. Then when he found his special chair and got the weight off his foot, he sang.

It was amazing to watch. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before.

He wasn’t trying to put on a brave face; he isn’t capable of doing that. What he’s feeling inside comes out on his... Continue Reading

"Old, Settled, and Reformed" Is Coming at You Like a Freight Train

Douglas Wilson
"Old, Settled, and Reformed" Is Coming at You Like a Freight Train

Because evangelicals have not seen real revival for over a century (e.g. like the Welsh revival of 1905), as a result we have been slow to recognize our active cultivation of an ongoing culture of revival. By this I am not simply referring to a week of nightly scheduled meetings at a church in the Bible Belt (although that is one manifestation of this phenomenon). Rather I am speaking of how we tend to do things in waves, whether they are a... Continue Reading

Overcoming the Sin of Racism

Jonathan Parnell

Tim Keller

There are many ways in which [Bloodlines] will help the church in its struggle with the sin of racism.

First, John takes us to all the biblical texts that speak most directly to the subject of race. But—and this was most helpful to me—John does not stop there.

He then goes to most of the central doctrines and themes of our faith and shows the implications of each one for our understanding of race. He demonstrates how Jesus’s proclamation of the kingdom, his... Continue Reading

Cherish Your Union with Christ

Josh Etter
Cherish Your Union with Christ

Pastor John:

Nothing is more precious than hearing God say to us personally: No condemnation. Or hearing him pronounce the words over our guilty heads, Justified! If you cherish this verdict and this standing with God, then cherish your union with Christ. Make it part of what you value most in the world.

See the entire sermon.


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The Three Ways of Grace (Part 2)

Paul Tripp
The Three Ways of Grace (Part 2)

In my last post, I looked with you at the grace of forgiveness. Here we will consider the other aspects of God's gracious work in our hearts.

The Grace of Enablement

Once confidence in God’s forgiveness has called you out of hiding to confess that you have lived the wrong way, something new will greet you: the fear that you don’t have what it takes to live as you should. Your fear will be well-founded. Sin not only leaves us guilty, it leaves us unable. It cripples our ability... Continue Reading

Desiring God Launches Portuguese Website

Bill Walsh
Desiring God Launches Portuguese Website

I am writing from Brazil where this week a team from Desiring God is participating in the annual FIEL Conference in the city of Aguas de Lindoya. Pastor John Piper and Pastor Bob Glenn from Minnesota have joined the roster of speakers addressing the topic of global missions.

While we are ministering in a Portuguese-speaking country, we decided this would be a good time to launch our latest translated website. Last night we announced the release of ... Continue Reading