The Three Ways of Grace (Part 1)

Paul Tripp
The Three Ways of Grace (Part 1)

Grace enters your life in three powerful forms. These aspects of God’s grace really do have the power to undo you and rebuild you once again. I will look at one in this post and the other two in a post to follow.

The Grace of Forgiveness

Perhaps it will take an eternity for us to understand the extent of the grace we have been given, and the significance of the forgiveness that flows from that grace. But this much is certain, no other force in this life compares to forgiveness... Continue Reading

Bloodlines Documentary Trailer

Josh Etter

Pastor John's newest book, Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian, is now available. Earlier this year Crossway traveled with Pastor John to his hometown of Greenville, SC to revisit the world in which he grew up.

Here's a two-minute trailer for the 18-minute documentary that will be released in a few weeks:

Get a free download of the Introduction [PDF]. You can order the book online, or call us at 888.346.4700 between 9:00 and 5:00 (CDT), Monday to Friday.

Editorial... Continue Reading

Children Are a Blessing from God — All Children

John Knight
Children Are a Blessing from God — <em>All</em> Children

Burdensome. Sad. Relentless. Hopeless.

These words are attached to disability. And often they are used to "justify" aborting babies with disabilities.

The perceived low quality of life of the child and the unknown-but-assumed hardships that would be placed on the rest of the family are frequently written and talked about. For example:

Many studies show the vast majority of patients abort fetuses after prenatal tests reveal genetic conditions like Down syndrome... Continue Reading

Confession of Sin Endears Christ to the Soul

Jonathan Parnell
Confession of Sin Endears Christ to the Soul

Thomas Watson:

Confession of sin endears Christ to the soul. If I say I am a sinner, how precious will Christ's blood be to me! After Paul has confessed a body of sin, he breaks forth into a gratulatory triumph for Christ: "I thank God through Jesus Christ" (Romans 7:25).

If a debtor confesses a judgment but the creditor will not exact the debt, instead appointing his own son to pay it, will not the debtor be very thankful? So when he confesses the debt, and that... Continue Reading

One Thing the 9/11 Terrorists Got Right

John Piper
One Thing the 9/11 Terrorists Got Right

The 9/11 terrorists were governed by what they believed about their future. That’s the way it should be. But if the future you envision is wrong, you will be shocked when you die.

The terrorists believed that the instant they died as murderers of infidels “the women of paradise would be waiting.” Here’s an excerpt from one of their notebooks:

Purify your heart and clean it from all earthly matters. The time of fun and waste has gone. . . . Those few hours that are... Continue Reading

John Piper on 9/11

Jonathan Parnell
John Piper on 9/11

9/11 — The Day Death Became Real

David Mathis
9/11 — The Day Death Became Real

C. S. Lewis's words from his classic essay “Learning in War-Time," written during World War II, captured some of the powerful effect 9/11 had on those of us living half a century later.

There is no question of death or life for any of us, only a question of this death or of that — of a machine gun bullet now or a cancer forty years later.

What does war do to death?It certainly does not make it more frequent; 100 percent of us die, and the percentage cannot be increased.It... Continue Reading

Serve In the Shadow God Places You

Jon Bloom
Serve In the Shadow God Places You

“Andrew. Oh! You’re Simon Peter’s brother, aren’t you?”

Andrew must have gotten used to that. Even the New Testament introduces him as “Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother” (John 1:40). Peter’s shadow is cast over Andrew from the beginning.

Andrew is mentioned by name 12 times in the New Testament. In ten of those he’s named along with Peter, and usually as Peter’s brother. Peter, on the other hand, has over 150 mentions, and actually contributed to the New Testament.

It’s... Continue Reading