The Supremacy of God in Preaching, Prayer, and Missions

Jonathan Parnell

The supremacy of God, in the words of Louis Berkhof, means "[God] rules as King in the most absolute sense of the word, and all things are dependent on him and subservient to him." God reigns. That's the point. God reigns in all things.

Back in 1997 John Piper gave a series of three messages on this theme — expounding God's supremacy in preaching, prayer, and missions.

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Four Reasons to Passionately Pursue God

Jonathan Parnell

Pastor John in 1984:

Why do I insist that you must go hard after God, or, which is the same thing, why must we go hard after Christ? Here are four reasons:

1. In Order to Know Him

First, we must go hard after Christ in order to know him. Philippians 3:7–8: "Whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed, I count everything…

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America — Not as Mature as We Should Be

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper:

The church is the assembly of those in whom the gospel has taken root. Therefore, it is the group where the reconciling power of the gospel will be seen — or not.

On this issue, given our history, we are not as mature in America as we should be. God’s word in Hebrews 5:12-14 rings true in this regard:

Though by this time you ought to be teachers,…

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The Story Behind Our Persian Translations

Tyler Kenney

It is illegal to own a satellite dish in Iran, because, according to the government, the Western channels available exist only to undermine Islam and the Iranian people (see the BBC report). But despite the law many Iranians still covertly install the devices and watch. It was through satellite programming in Iran, in fact, that our friend Hovik met his wife.

Hovik, whose real name we must withhold for…

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The Life-Changing Discovery of Christian Hedonism

Sam Storms

There was a time when I thought the verb “enjoy” and the noun “God” should never be used in the same sentence. I could understand “fearing” God and “obeying” God, even “loving” God. But “enjoying” God struck me as inconsistent with the biblical mandate both to glorify God, on the one hand, and deny myself, on the other. How could I be committed above all else to seeking God’s glory…

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Helping You Sing “Hallelujah” with True Exuberance

John Piper

The English word “hallelujah” is a transliteration of two Hebrew words, "hallelu" and "jah". The first word, "hallelu", is the second person imperative of “praise.” The second word, "jah," is the short form of "Jahweh" (or "Yahweh").

So when we say, “Hallelujah!” we are exhorting others (people and angels) to join us in praising Yahweh.

What gives a punch to my singing, “Hallelujah,” is that Jah (= Yahweh) is not…

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Leaders, Articulate Your Vision (Again)

Jonathan Parnell

Vision, no matter how clear, tends to rust over time. We need to hear it again and again.

In this two-minute video, John Piper exhorts Christian leaders to find creative, fresh, Spirit-anointed ways to reiterate the goal and direction of their leadership:

More resources on spiritual leadership from John Piper:

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Justin Taylor on the Sanctity of Human Life

Jonathan Parnell

Theology is never static. It's not a box of propositions we store in the garage, pushed out of sight from the ebb and flow of our everyday. It's meant to change us. God has spoken and the world is not the same — how we see, how we live, the things we care about.

And this is why abortion matters.

In this episode of Theology Refresh, Justin Taylor discusses the…

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