Advice for Reading Theology Books Even Though You're Busy

Josh Etter

Pastor John in 1981:

Since wisdom is found in the Word of God, we must apply ourselves in study and meditation to know the Word and do it. "The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple." (Psalm 19:7). Therefore, we must devote ourselves to know and understand the testimonies of the Lord. And here I commend…

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Jesus Is Our All-Sufficient Comforter

Jonathan Parnell

Richard Sibbes:

The sighs of a bruised heart carry in them a report, both of our affection to Christ, and of his care to us. The eyes of our souls cannot be towards him unless he has cast a gracious look upon us first. The least love we have to him is but a reflection of his love first shining upon us.

As Christ did, in his example to us,…

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Are You Guilt-Driven Enough to Go?

Tyler Kenney

In his article this past Wednesday at Christianity Today, Bishop Hwa Yung considers how mistakes in missions over the past several hundred years have created a sense of guilt in the Western conscience.

But he says it’s important to understand where that guilt really comes from.

The very fact of Western guilt may be one of the supreme evidences for the enduring validity of the gospel in the post-Christian West.…

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The Tragic Hypocrisy of Joyless Calvinism

David Mathis

Gospel wakefulness. That's Jared Wilson's term for the Christian's experience of treasuring Jesus more greatly and savoring his power more sweetly than ever before. For some it happens at new birth. For some it's a gradual dawning over time. And for many, it's a kind of spiritual quantum leap, almost like a kind of sanctification warp speed. You'll want to learn more. . . .

So join us this…

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How God Makes Futility Serve Your Joy

Jon Bloom

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope (Romans 8:20).

Are you tired of fighting futility? Evil and disorder relentlessly throw wrenches into the gears of your life. What’s the point?

For God, the point is hope. Which is very strange. Futility and hope are not friends. The former tends to kill the latter. Humans can’t make them both be…

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Daily Confession and a Burlier Church

David Mathis

John Frame:

We need more Christians who will lead lives of repentance, for repentance always challenges pride. 

If you're coming to God daily to confess to him how much you have sinned, you will find it hard to pretend that you are holier than everybody else. You'll find it hard to put on airs, to pose as the perfect Christian.

When others accuse you of sin, you won't immediately jump…

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Hope That Won't Stumble

Paul Tripp

What do the Psalms look to? What is the theme that courses its way through psalm after psalm? What gives the Psalms their meaning and depth?

Well, the thing that the Psalms point to again and again isn’t a “thing” at all. No, it’s a person, and his name is Jesus. It’s not as though some of the psalms are Messianic — all of the psalms point to the person…

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Skip Adultolescence, Get a Holy Ambition

Jonathan Parnell

Adultolesence is the modern phenomenon in growing up where full adulthood is delayed by procrastinating responsibilities. It has caught the attention of many sociologists over the past decade as it sweeps through college campuses, being no respecter of students, Christian or non-Christian.

A few weeks ago Pastor John spoke to a group of college students facing this encroaching cultural fog. The goal: get a deep, unshakable, holy ambition for your

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Questioning Our Hope and Refocusing Our Wonder

John Knight

The topic of the new heaven and new earth is a popular one with some of the people we hang out with. As you can probably guess, they also have children with severe disabilities. There is comfort in thinking about our children being free from their limitations and pain.

But this hope can be dangerous, too. We envision heaven to be a wonderful place, full of freedom and laughter and…

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