John Piper on the Celebrity Factor and Pastoral Ministry

Jonathan Parnell

Is it hero worship or holy emulation? What are the dynamics that factor into the differences between true-hearted appreciation and unhealthy veneration?

The issue of a "celebrity" status among evangelical pastors has been the topic of some recent discussion. This new episode of Theology Refresh — a podcast for pastors hosted by David Mathis — interviews John Piper on how he has thought through this important subject.

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When Decays of Grace Prevail

Josh Etter

John Owen:

Do any of us find decays of grace prevailing in us; deadness, coldness, lukewarmness, a kind of spiritual stupidity and senselessness coming upon us? Do we find an unreadiness unto the exercise of grace in its proper season and the vigorous acting of it in duties of communion with God? And would we have our souls recovered from these dangerous diseases?

Let us assure ourselves there is no…

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Jesus Died Because He Loved You

Jon Bloom

Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25).

Jesus died for the church. But for Jesus the church is not an institution like Yale University or Apple or The United Way, where the corporation has the brand value and the people who populate it are an anonymous (and largely replaceable) mass, except for a few VIPs. Jesus did not die for an institution. He…

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Jesus Died to End Abortion and Racism

John Piper

Seventeen years ago I linked Martin Luther King Day with Sanctity of Life Sunday for the first time. Since then I have tried to preach a pair of sermons back to back in January — one for the glory of Christ in racial harmony, and one for the glory of Christ in a sacred womb.

This has the unsettling effect of making me sound like a Democrat one week and…

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Dads, Consider the Impact of Availability

Jonathan Parnell

In his book, Never Walk Away, Crawford Loritts shares about the formidable impact his father made on his life:

To my knowledge, my father never read any articles or books on the family. He certainly didn't attend any family seminars that talked about the priority of home, but somewhere along the line he gained a commitment to the priority of home and his family. He never treated family matters…

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How to Glorify God in Your Decision-Making

Jonathan Parnell

In the fall of 1974 John Piper stepped into a classroom at Bethel College to teach New Testament as a one-year sabbatical replacement. Over the next six years he followed the calling to be a professor: teaching Greek and several New Testament classes, publishing his dissertation in the SNTS Monograph Series, and churning out many scholarly journal articles. In his own words, "these were heady days where I stretched…

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Masculinity Is the Glad Assumption of Responsibility

Jonathan Parnell

Doug Wilson will address the topic of "father hunger" and what that means for leadership in the family and the church at our 2012 Conference for Pastors (Jan 30 - Feb 1). Registration is now open.


Recent posts for the 2012 Conference for Pastors —

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Seven Things the Bible Says About Evil

Johnathon Bowers

How can we reconcile God's sweeping control over creation with the existence of such horrors as cancer, famine, genocide, sexual abuse, tsunamis, and terrorism? Voltaire sums up the issue nicely in his "Poem on the Lisbon Disaster," written after the devastating Lisbon earthquake of 1755:

Ill could not from a perfect being spring,
Nor from another, since God's sovereign king.

His point is that since God is good, he can't…

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Why Every Tribe and Language and People and Nation?

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper:

The reason God decreed that the gospel would obtain people from every tribe and people and nation is that the aim of the gospel is the glorification of his grace and this ingathering of diverse peoples into one Christ-exalting, unified people who would glorify the power and beauty of his grace more than if he had done things another way. There is a strong confirmation of this in…

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The More You Love, the More You Hate

Jonathan Parnell

John Murray:

If there is still sin to any degree in one who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit, then there is tension, yes, contradiction, within the heart of that person.

Indeed, the more sanctified the person is, the more conformed he is to the image of his Saviour, the more he must recoil against every lack of conformity to the holiness of God.

The deeper his apprehension of the…

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