John Piper on 9/11

Jonathan Parnell

9/11 — The Day Death Became Real

David Mathis

C. S. Lewis's words from his classic essay “Learning in War-Time," written during World War II, captured some of the powerful effect 9/11 had on those of us living half a century later.

There is no question of death or life for any of us, only a question of this death or of that — of a machine gun bullet now or a cancer forty years later. 

What does war…

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Serve In the Shadow God Places You

Jon Bloom

“Andrew. Oh! You’re Simon Peter’s brother, aren’t you?”

Andrew must have gotten used to that. Even the New Testament introduces him as “Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother” (John 1:40). Peter’s shadow is cast over Andrew from the beginning.

Andrew is mentioned by name 12 times in the New Testament. In ten of those he’s named along with Peter, and usually as Peter’s brother. Peter, on the other hand, has over 150…

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Seven Lessons from Down Under

Josh Etter

John Piper recently spent two weeks ministering in Australia. Here are seven lessons I learned along the way traveling with Pastor John — both in conversation with him and through observing his example and interaction with the Aussies.

1. More than anything else, Satan hates and opposes our efforts to evangelize. This is not based on a specific text, but is apparent because Satan is a liar and so hates…

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Why Are You Thrilled to Be Loved by Jesus?

John Piper

Believers in Jesus are precious to God (we're his bride!). And he loves us so much that he will not allow our preciousness to become our god.

God does indeed make much of us (adoption!), but he does so in a way that draws us out of ourselves to enjoy his greatness.

Test yourself. If Jesus came to spend the day with you, sat down beside you on the couch,…

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Why It's Important to Know Your Sin

Jonathan Parnell

There are insidiuos perils to not knowing our sin.

This is the message of Romans 7:7-12 that John Piper expounds in two sermons from 2001, including an explanation of the law and grace, and a practical illustration of our fight against temptation.

Stream or download the sermons, The Importance of Knowing Our Sin and How We Come to Know Sin.


Recent posts from "Expository Exultation" —

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Know Your Heart and Don't Believe It

Jonathan Parnell

John Owen:

Labour to know thine own frame and temper; what spirit thou art of; what associates in thy heart Satan hath; where corruption is strong, where grace is weak; what stronghold lust hath in thy natural constitution, and the like. . .

Be acquainted, then, with thine own heart: though it be deep, search it; though it be dark, inquire into it; though it give all its distempers other…

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