God's Wisdom, Your Relationships

Paul Tripp
God's Wisdom, Your Relationships

God’s Word really does open up to us the mysteries of the universe. It really does make us wiser than we could ever be without it. And yet, having said all this, it's sad that we don’t take more advantage of this wisdom God has given us. It's sad that we don’t think his thoughts after him, that we don’t require ourselves to look at life through the lens of his revelation. It's sad that we swindle ourselves into thinking that we are wiser than we are. We're not irritated by... Continue Reading

John Piper Interviews John Knight on Disability

John Piper

This video is serious, on-the-ground sermon "application." I preached, May 22, 2011, on disability—a man born blind—from John 9:1-4. This interview is with the father of a boy (almost 16) born blind.

John Knight is the director of development here at Desiring God. He blogs at www.theworksofGod.com, and, with his wife, loves Jesus, and trusts the sovereign wisdom and goodness of God.

But it has not always been so.

My aim in this interview is to hear what it was... Continue Reading

What We May Actually Believe

Jonathan Parnell

In his article, "Pursuing the Servant's Mindset" (PDF), Stuart Scott explains the biblical concept of pride. He writes:

What's the definition of pride?

If we could sum it up, it's the mindset of self, the pursuit of self-exaltation, a focus on the desire to control all things for self. In exalting himself, the person actually believes, "I am valuable and worthy. I am the source of anything good or wise or successful. I deserve the credit for whatever I achieve or acquire. I... Continue Reading

Another Incentive to Read Christian Biography

John Piper

Perhaps, Hebrews 11 is still the most compelling biblical mandate for reading Christian biography. Together with Hebrews 13:7 all those biographical lessons in faith seem like an overwhelming summons to keep finding such stories and “considering” them.

Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.” (Hebrews 13:7).

But Philippians 3:17, together with 1 Corinthians 11:1, add... Continue Reading

The Marvel of Our Adoption

Michael Johnson

Scottish theologian John Murray reflects on the Christian’s spiritual adoption:

The great truth of God’s fatherhood and of the sonship which bestows upon men is one that belongs to the application of redemption. It is true in respect of all men no more than are effectual calling, regeneration, and justification.

God becomes the Father of his own people by the act of adoption. It is the marvel of such grace that constrained the apostle John to exclaim, ‘Behold what manner of love... Continue Reading

Christendom Is Done, Now What Do We Do?

Jonathan Parnell
Christendom Is Done, Now What Do We Do?

The demise of "Christendom" affects both the Church's theological dialogue and missional strategy.

Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch give the historical explanation for what it is:

Christendom is the name given to the sacral culture that has dominated European society from around the eleventh century until the end of the twentieth. Its sources go to a time when Constantine came to the throne of the Roman Empire and granted Christians complete freedom of worship and even... Continue Reading

God Cares About Your Health

Jonathan Parnell

In this video, John Piper talks about God's care for your physical health, and for your soul ten million times more:

(Watch on YouTube)

Your eternity is ten million times more important than whether you get well now. What matters is if you get well eventually and stay well forever, satisfied not mainly by God's gifts but by himself.

Why Doctrine Matters

Jonathan Parnell

One step before the details of what you believe is the question of why it matters. Simply put, what you believe matters because it's what tells you how to live—and something is always telling everyone. Kevin Vanhoozer explains:

One's life is moving in one direction or another, taking one kind of shape or another. As Pascal remarked: "Our nature consists in movement. Absolute rest is death." To the extent that we are always following some direction or other, our very lives are... Continue Reading

Alcohol and Church Membership

Michael Johnson
Alcohol and Church Membership

Piper explains his position on alcohol and church membership:

When I came to Bethlehem Baptist Church over [three] decades ago, this was one of the first controversies I had to deal with. We survived it and are he better for it. I think what I learned may be helpful.

Among Baptist and other congregationally governed churches, the local church constitution generally contains an affirmation of faith and church covenant. The church covenant describes a core set of Biblical... Continue Reading

The Glory of God in the Gift of Disability

John Knight

In last week's sermon on John 9:1-23, John Piper makes this bold statement:

Jesus says that the purpose of the blindness is to put the work of God on display. This means that for our suffering to have ultimate meaning, God must be supremely valuable to us. More valuable than health and life.

But what if the intense suffering is happening to your child? Can God really be more valuable to a parent than a healthy child? Can there possibly be purpose to disability?

Greg... Continue Reading