The Grace of Confession (Part 1)

Paul Tripp
The Grace of Confession (Part 1)

I often wonder how many people are stuck in their relationships in a cycle of repeating the same things over and over again. They repeat the same misunderstandings. They rehearse and re-rehearse the same arguments. They repeat the same wrongs. Again and again things are not resolved. Night after night they end the day with nothing reconciled; they awake with memories of another bad moment with a friend, spouse, neighbor, co-worker or family member and they march toward the... Continue Reading

Fighter Verses on Your iPhone or Android

Beth Stranz

With the launch of the new Fighter Verses, aniPhone / iPadapp was developed. In line with John Piper'sexhortation about smartphones, this is one app to wield in fighting fire with fire.

AnAndroid appis also available.

Learn more about Bible memory, where you can see weekly verses and subscribe to the devotional blog. You can also find Bible memory helps, review tools, downloadable resources, songs, audio, and tips for launching a church-wide memory... Continue Reading

The Gift of Victor Hugo

John Piper
The Gift of Victor Hugo

French poet and novelist, Victor Hugo was born on this day, 1802. He is best known in English because of his novels, Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

We have little hope that his spiritual pilgrimage led him to Christ and heaven. But in the providence of God, and by the grace he scatters so liberally among his adversaries, Hugo was brilliant in his blindness. The imago dei and the remnants of his Christian roots break forth—to the praise of his Maker.

There are reasons... Continue Reading

No, No, Augustine!

John Piper
No, No, Augustine!

In Augustine’s Enchiridion, chapter 46, which I am listening to in spare moments, he says this:

Here lies the necessity that each man should be born again, that he might be freed from the sin in which he was born. For the sins committed afterwards can be cured by penitence, as we see is the case after baptism.

This is, if I understand him, misleading at best.

Not that I want to minimize the significance of 1 John 1:9 (“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins”).... Continue Reading

The Mission Field Created by Abortion

John Ensor
The Mission Field Created by Abortion

All the women in your life have to be 80 years old or more to have gone through their child-bearing years during a time when abortion was not legal and accessible. Among the rest, 42% of American women have had one abortion by the age of 45 (abandoned or pressured, by and large, by men). There are 50 million abortions every year worldwide. The USA represents less than 3% of this. Where we gather college students and young professionals together to challenge them with... Continue Reading

God’s Love Is the Cause and Result of Ours

John Piper
God’s Love Is the Cause and Result of Ours

Do you believe both of these statements?

1. God loved us before we loved him, and not because we loved him.

2. God loves us in response to our love for him—because we love him.

They are both true.

Before I give you the texts to show it, the key in all such questions is to insist that you define terms and make necessary distinctions. The same words can mean different things in different places.

In support of the first statement, we cite:

1 John 4:10: “In this is love,... Continue Reading

Marriage and the Unthinkable

John Piper

A 1951 laughable thought: In 60 years the President of the United States will refuse to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

A 2011 laughable thought: In 60 years the President of the United States will refuse to exclude from marriage a man and a chimp.

Are you laughing?

What Is Present When Kneeling to Pray in Jesus’ Name

John Piper
What Is Present When Kneeling to Pray in Jesus’ Name

Here’s what is present when we kneel to pray in Jesus’ name:

    1. God the Father on his throne sovereign over the universe, with a welcoming, countenance focused on us.

    2. God the Son in his high priestly role, standing as advocate before the throne as a Lamb that was slain with perfect righteousness and with all God’s promises purchased fully in his hand interceding for us.

    3. God the Spirit within us, having already inclined us to pray, poised to guide our... Continue Reading

Tim Keller's King's Cross: A Review

Michael Johnson
Tim Keller's <em>King's Cross</em>: A Review

My oldest daughter compares Tim Keller to Pixar: when they both release new material, you just know it’s going to be great. Since The Reason for God (2008), Keller and the Redeemer City to City team have produced four eagerly anticipated books. Now they’re launching the Redeemer imprint with King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus.

A narrative of the Gospel according to Mark culled primarily from previous sermons, King’s Cross is

an extended meditation on... Continue Reading

Piper's Foreword to Crabtree's Practicing Affirmation

John Piper
Piper's Foreword to Crabtree's <em>Practicing Affirmation</em>

Foreword: Practicing Affirmation: God-Centered Praise of Those Who Are Not God

The point of being created in the image of God is that human beings are destined to display God. That’s what images do. And the point of being redeemed by Jesus, and renewed after the image of our Creator, is to recover this destiny.

But why? Surely not so that God’s handiwork in his people would go unnoticed or unpraised. If God is sovereign, and every good gift is from above,... Continue Reading