Appreciation for Don Carson

John Piper

On the evening of April 12 in Chicago at The Gospel Coalition National Conference, I had the huge privilege of honoring D. A. Carson, as he was presented with a Festschrift by the president of Crossway Books, Lane Dennis. I represented pastors while John Woodbridge represented colleagues and scholars. Here is what I said to Don.

Tribute to Don Carson
From John Piper
TGC April 12, 2011
Chicago, Illinois


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How Far We Have Fallen

Josh Etter

Jonathan Edwards' vivid description of what happened when we fell from God into sin:

The ruin that the fall brought upon the soul of man consists very much in his losing the nobler and more benevolent principles of his nature, and falling wholly under the power and government of self-love. Before, and as God created him, he was exalted, and noble, and generous; but now he is debased, and ignoble,
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Grace is not a "Thing"

Josh Etter

In the Christian life we can easily find ourselves using jargon without knowing what we're really saying. What exactly is "grace"? Sinclair Ferguson clarifies:

It is legitimate to speak of "receiving grace," and sometimes (although I am somewhat cautious about the possibility of misuing this langauge) we speak of the preaching of the Word, prayer, baptism, and the Lord's Supper as "means of grace." That is fine, so long as…

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Memorizing Scripture: Why and How

John Piper

I wish I could persuade everyone to do this.

Here is inspiration and application on why and how to memorize Scripture.

Why Do It?

First, the inspiration.

Dallas Willard, professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern California, wrote,

Bible memorization is absolutely fundamental to spiritual formation. If I had to choose between all the disciplines of the spiritual life, I would choose Bible memorization, because it is a fundamental…

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Supreme Humility, Supreme Exaltation

Jon Bloom

Philippians 2:8-9

And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name

What did it mean for Jesus to humble himself? We must simply admit that this is beyond us.

The Lord of Glory Entered Creation

Of course it was humbling…

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The Danger of Self-Defense

Paul Tripp

A friend tells you he wants to talk to you, and when you get together, you realize that what he really wanted to do was confront you. You’re not really excited about being told bad things about yourself, but this is your friend, so you’re willing to listen. As he lays out his concerns, you feel pain. You can’t believe what you’re being told about yourself!

The Art of Self-Preservation

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A "Desiring God" Rap (by Curt Allen, a.k.a. "Voice")

Jonathan Parnell

Listen to "Desiring God" by Curt Allen (a.k.a. "Voice")—

Yay though I walk through the valley of the death man, I wasn't killing sin it was taking my last breath man. I was more than stressed man wasn't living right and it was like I know what's right but my life would go left man. Death was my best man married to my sin and I was on my way…

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Confessions of a Conflicted Complementarian

Wendy Alsup

(Read Part 2, "My Journey to Gospel-Centered Womanhood")

I was raised in conservative Christianity and had visions of what my life would look like if I made the good Christian choices that good Christian girls were supposed to make. I thought a lot about the Proverbs 31 wife and didn't chafe against the expectations.

Then I collected a closet full of bridesmaid gowns with no wedding dress in sight.…

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Burning the Qur’an and Crucifying Christ

John Piper

The burning of the Qur’an and the murder of human beings are not morally equivalent. That’s true. And it is, frankly, outrageous the way some commentators speak with more moral indignation about the burning of holy books than the butchery of human bodies. In the western media this seems to me to be sheer fear.

But, of course, my conviction stems from a certain view of the world that is…

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The Aseity of God

Josh Etter

God is self-sufficient. Theologians refer to this attribute as "the aseity of God." In his classic book Knowldge of the Holy, A. W. Tozer writes:

Almighty God, just because He is almighty, needs no support. The picture of a nervous, ingratiating God fawning over men to win their favor is not a pleasant one; yet if we look at the popular conception of God, that is precisely what we…

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