Honoring Another Christian Death in Pakistan

John Piper

This is my small tribute to another Christian killed for Christ’s sake. I read his story with great admiration. I pray that his death will not be in vain in my life and in Pakistan’s struggle for freedom.

Shahbaz Bhatti was the Minister for Minority Affairs in Pakistan, and a Christian. He was killed in Islamabad on Wednesday, March 2, 2011. He had opposed the Pakistani blasphemy laws that appoint…

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Your Acting Is His Acting

Jonathan Parnell

In yesterday's post Pastor John cited Philippians 2:12-13 concerning our sin-killing role in sanctification —

Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

But why should we attack sin with fear and trembling?

Pastor John answers:

. . . The ground for my trembing here is not threat, but gift.…

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I Act the Miracle

John Piper

When it comes to killing my sin I don’t wait for the miracle, I Act the Miracle.

Acting a miracle is different from working a miracle. If Jesus tells a paralyzed man to get up, and he gets up, Jesus works a miracle. But if I am the paralyzed man and Jesus tells me to get up, and I obey and get up, I act the miracle. If I…

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All Creation Betrothed to God

John Piper

George Herbert died on this day in 1633. I return to his poetry for my own soul more, probably, than any poet outside the Bible.

In a poem called “Ungratefulness,” he shows how the Trinity and the Incarnation draw all the work of creation finally into God’s enjoyment.

Just as God exulted over his creation in the beginning with, “It is very good,” so in the end he…

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The Grace of Confession (Part 1)

Paul Tripp

I often wonder how many people are stuck in their relationships in a cycle of repeating the same things over and over again. They repeat the same misunderstandings. They rehearse and re-rehearse the same arguments. They repeat the same wrongs. Again and again things are not resolved. Night after night they end the day with nothing reconciled; they awake with memories of another bad moment with a friend, spouse, neighbor,…

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Fighter Verses on Your iPhone or Android

Beth Stranz

With the launch of the new Fighter Verses, an iPhone® / iPad® app was developed. In line with John Piper's exhortation about smartphones, this is one app to wield in fighting fire with fire.

An Android® app is also available.

Learn more about Bible memory at FighterVerses.com, where you can see weekly verses and subscribe to the devotional blog. You can also find Bible memory helps, review tools,…

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No, No, Augustine!

John Piper

In Augustine’s Enchiridion, chapter 46, which I am listening to in spare moments, he says this:

Here lies the necessity that each man should be born again, that he might be freed from the sin in which he was born. For the sins committed afterwards can be cured by penitence, as we see is the case after baptism.

This is, if I understand him, misleading at best.

Not that…

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The Mission Field Created by Abortion

John Ensor

All the women in your life have to be 80 years old or more to have gone through their child-bearing years during a time when abortion was not legal and accessible. Among the rest, 42% of American women have had one abortion by the age of 45 (abandoned or pressured, by and large, by men). There are 50 million abortions every year worldwide. The USA represents less than 3% of…

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God’s Love Is the Cause and Result of Ours

John Piper

Do you believe both of these statements?

1. God loved us before we loved him, and not because we loved him.

2. God loves us in response to our love for him—because we love him.

They are both true.

Before I give you the texts to show it, the key in all such questions is to insist that you define terms and make necessary distinctions. The same words can mean…

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